Special Sacha Inchi Grading and Shelling Machine 100-150 KG/H

  • Material: Sacha Inchi Nut
  • Capacity: 100-150 kg/h
  • Loading Port:Qingdao Port
  • Warranty:12 Months
  • Quote Form:FOB, CIF, EXW, CFR
The sacha inchi grading and shelling machine can complete the process of valve breaking, one-time shelling, grading and two-time shelling. The whole kernel rate is over 95%, the effect of shelling separation is good, and it is fully automatic. The huller machine can be widely used in inchi nuts food industry and oil pressing industry.
Inchi Nut Grading and Shelling Line in China
Process:Sacha Inchi --- Elevating --- Breaking --- Peeling --- Grading --- Shelling---Shell and Kernel Separating.

Compents of Special Sacha Inchi Shelling Machine
1) Grading part: upper hopper, hoist, grading screen
2) Shelling part: upper hopper, hoist, sheller, sorting screen, leaf spring conveying screen
3) Separation of skin kernels: upper hopper, spiral lifting hoist, skin kernel sorting machine, double screw hoist
100-150 KG/H Sacha Inchi Shelling Machine Price
Competitive Advantages of Sacha Inchi Grading and Shelling Machine
  • The cyclic shelling is applied, that is, the unhulled seeds automatically enter the next shelling cycle to increase the shelling rate.
  • In the collection and processing of the shell, the vibration negative pressure sorting is used instead of the blowing method to reduce the generation of dust.
  • The sorting screen and the screening area are increased, so that the kernel can be fully screened to reduce the breakage caused by the kernel returning to the sheller.
Fully Automatic Sacha Inchi Hulling Machine for Sale
  • Through the frequency conversion technology, the control of the speed of the shelling machine is realized, so that the raw materials of different humidity and different varieties can be processed reasonably.
  • Compact structure, low loss, easy operation and maintenance, etc.

Video of Automatic Inchi Nut Shelling Machine Line

Our factory has large, medium and small models of sacha inchi shelling equipment for different needs of customers to choose. The output is 100-150 kg / h, 200-300 kg / h, 400 kg / h, 600 kg / h, 1000 kg / h, etc.

What kind of capacity machine do you need? Please leave your requirement in the table below. You are also welcome to email, we will send machine price and details to you.

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Technical Data
Power 8.35KW, 380V, 50HZ, Three-phase
Shelling rate 95%-97%
Capacity 100-150kg/h
Size for grading part 4.8*1.2*7.3m
Size for shelling part 4.8*2.5*3.3m
Weight 2.5T


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