Efficient Groundnut Pod Removing and Separating Machine Price

  • Material: Groundnut or Peanut
  • Capacity: 500 kg/h
  • Loading Port:Qingdao Port
  • Warranty:12 Months
  • Quote Form:FOB, CIF, EXW, CFR
Efficient groundnut pod removing machine is a device that takes off the shell of peanut and keeps the whole kernel. One feeding can complete all the work of peanut shelling, separation, secondary shelling, cleaning and kernel grading.
It has the characteristics of high pod removing rate, low damage rate, simple structure, convenient operation and easy maintenance, high shelling efficiency and low cost.
Groundnut Pod Removing and Separating Machine Price
Structure: Peanut shelling machine has racks, fans, rotors, single-phase motors, screen (there are two sizes), intake hoppers, vibration sieves, triangular wheels and their transmission triangle belt and other components.

Advantages of Groundnut Pod Removing and Separating Machine
  • Shelling roller using high-quality imported timber, peanut kernel damage rate is very low, less than 5%.
  • The motor voltage 220V power 2.2KW.
  • New copper wire motor, longer life.
  • Specially designed fan, uniform wind distribution, can make the kernels and shells effectively separated to optimize the seed recovery rate.
500 KG Groundnut Pod Removing Machine for Sale
  • Peanut sheller is equipped with high-quality rubber wheel, with unique side design, easy to move.
  • Each machine is equipped with three bars, applicable to different sizes of peanut shells.
  • It has small volume and high efficiency. It can handle 500 kg of peanut kernels per hour. The shelling rate is over 98%.
  • The shell with iron powder coating process nice and durable use.

Application of Automatic Groundnut Pod Separating Machine 
This machine can handle peanuts of various humidity and size, suitable for the shelling process of grain processing plants, oil processing plants and food peanut processing plants.
Groundnut Pod Separating Machine
Working Principle of Efficient Groundnut Pod Removing Machine
1. The machine uses the rotating force of the suspension sleeve and the rubbing force of the concave plate to peel off the peanut shell and realize the separation of kernel and shell.
2. The peanut shell is blown out of the machine by the wind to realize the primary selection of wind power.
3. Selected groundnut kernels can be directly packed in sacks after gravity separation. Unshelled groundnuts were shelled twice.

Video of Automatic Groundnut Pod Removing and Separating Machine 

Technical Data
Model LG-KS1
Capacity 500 kg/h
Power 1.5 kw/380v
Broken Rate ≤5%
Shelling Rate >95%
Damage Rate ≤5%
Size 1200*600*1800 mm
Weight 160 kg

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