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Material: cashew nut
Capacity: 600 kg/h
Loading Port: Qingdao Port


Components of Cashew Nuts Processing Line:
Cashew nut classifier, cooking machine, steam boiler, elevator, cashew nut shelling machine, cashew nut kernel and shell separator machine, cashew peeling machine and cashew nut roasting machine.
Cashew Nut Processing Machine

Working Flow of Cashew Nut Processing Machine:
Raw materials cashews first cleaned by the washing machine; sorting machine and then according to the different sizes of cashew nuts will be divided into three to five levels; and then use the hoist to the cashew nuts into the cooking machine, cooking machine with a steam boiler, due to different thermal expansion coefficient , cashews and shells are easily separated due to cooling; and then cashew nuts shell are peeled with special cashew nut shelling, cashew peel peeling machine removes the cashew nut skin, roasting machine to baking cashew nut kernel.

Technical Data

Name Specific
Classifier Capacity:400kg/h
Cooking Machine Capacity: 200kg/h
Electric Power: 18kw
Size: 1.5*0.6*1.55m
Weight: 150kg
Cooking machine with boiler Capacity: 1200kg/h   
Power: 1.1kw 
Voltage: 380v
Size: 2*1*2.8m
Steam Boiler: 0.2³
Size: 0.8*0.6*2.2m
Shelling Machine
Size: 1*0.7*0.9M
Weight: 200KG
Capacity: 80-100KG
Voltage: 380/220V/50HZ
Shell Kernel Separator Machine Size:1.9*0.8*1.4M
Power: 1.1 kw  
Voltage: 380v/50HZ
Capacity: 500kg/h    
Weight: 140kg
Cashew Peeling Machine
Capacity: 100-150kg
Weight: 70kg   
Size: 640*600*1300mm
Cashew Roasting Machine Capacity: 400-450kg/h 
Power: 4.4kw
Size: 3000*4400*1700mm


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