Continuous Peanut Frying and Deoiling Machine 200-500 KG Per Hour

  • Material: Nuts, Beans
  • Capacity: 200-500 kg/h
  • Loading Port:Qingdao Port
  • Warranty:12 Months
  • Quote Form:FOB, CIF, EXW, CFR
The continuous peanut frying machine has a high degree of automation and can automatically complete the frying, mixing, deoiling and transportation process. Advanced oil-water mixing technology, frequency conversion speed regulation, oil-saving effect is obvious. Widely applicable to all kinds of fried food processing.

The electric fryer machine consists of automatic lifting system, unique product conveying system, smoke exhaust system, electronic control system, etc.
Continuous Peanut Frying and Deoiling Machine Price
Structure Advantages of Peanut Frying and Deoiling Machine
  • Frequency conversion and stepless speed regulation are adopted for belt conveying. The frying time can be controlled.
  • Double 304/316 stainless steel belt transmission, prevent product floating, ensure the perfect frying effect.
  • The equipment is equipped with oil circulation filtration system, which continuously filters oil residue in the production process, reduces the acid value of oil, reduces the color of oil, and prolongs the service life of edible oil by more than 10 times.
  • Many independent combustion systems and temperature control systems can accurately control the oil temperature of each section and improve the quality of products.
  • The combustion controller has automatic ignition and extinguishing protection device to ensure safe operation.
  • The machine is made of imported high-quality stainless steel with exquisite workmanship and durability.
  • PLC control is used to realize full automatic work.
 Continuous Peanut Fryer Machine Electric Heating
Application of Continuous Frying Machine 200-500 KG
Continuous series of fryers are mainly suitable for large food production enterprises. It is widely used in fried foods such as meat products, aquatic products, vegetables and fruit, pasta and nuts (peanut, almond, broad beans, chickpeas, green peas).
They are characterized by continuous production, energy saving, labor saving and more uniform product quality. In terms of energy, electricity, natural gas, liquefied gas and external cycle heating are optional.

Working Video of Continuous Peanut Fryer Machine
Technical Data
Model LG-ZLD3500 LG-ZLD4000 LG-ZLD54000
Heating type Electric Electric Electric
Dimension(mm) 3700*1400*2300 4200*1400*2300 5200*1400*2300
Capacity(kg/h) 200 300 500
Weight(kg) 800 1000 1200
Power(kw) 1.5+0.75+100 1.5+0.75+120 1.5+0.75+150

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