Commercial Hemp Seeds Sheller Machine|Hemp Seed Hulling Machine for Factory

Material: hemp seed,sunflower seed
Capacity: 200-300 kg/h
Loading Port: Qingdao Port


Introduction of Hemp Seeds Sheller Machine:
The equipment can be used to treat hemp seeds, but when used to treat hemp seeds, need to change the inside sieve tablets of sunflower seeds shelling machine, the transformation of the sorting screening machine, change the fish scale sieve tablets into stacked sieve tablets. Water content of sunflower seeds and hemp seeds is better in 10-12%, seeds crushing rage is less than 10%. The line includes one feeding hopper, one screw elevator, one main shelling parts, one material receiving hopper, fan and electric cabinet.  
Processing: Shelling--Shell Removing--Screening
Hemp Seeds Sheller Machine

Advantages of Hemp Seed Hulling Machine:
1) Shelling unit can be divided after the buckwheat were shelling, skin removal, a non-shelling of the particles can be automatically returned to the shelling machine shell again, until the release so far. As a result of the use of the first classification after the shelling, so the shelling sorting effect is good, high efficiency, high rate of rice, and to maximize the integrity of the buckwheat shell.
2) Sieve selection of high-quality cold-rolled steel plate made of, durable.
3) The following elastic ball design reduces the phenomenon of paste screen.
4) The use of vibrating negative pressure sorting machines and screw unloaders facilitates the collection of leather and reduces the generation of dust.
5) The vibration source of the whole set of equipment adopts the form of vibration motor, the equipment is easy to install, and the foundation is not needed quickly.
Hemp Seed Hulling Machine

Technical Data

Item Equipment Name Capacity Dimension Power
1 Feeding Hope  
0.8*1.2*1.5m /
2 Screw Elevator Diameter 
3 Shelling Machine 1*2.1*6 m 0.75kw+
4 Receiving Hopper 1*0.4*1.5 m /
5 Fan / 1.5kw
6 Electric Cabinet / /


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