Pumpkin Seed Peeler Huller|Cushaw Squash Seeds Hulling Machine Price

  • Material: pumpkin seed,cushaw squash seed
  • Capacity: 200-300kg/h
  • Loading Port:Qingdao Port
  • Warranty:12 Months
  • Quote Form:FOB, CIF, EXW, CFR
The pumpkin seed hulling machine can clean, classify and peel the pumpkin seeds and sort the skin and seed kernels. It is specially designed and manufactured for pumpkin seed(cushaw squash seeds) processing plant. The pumpkin seed huller machine features high hulling peeling rate, good peeling effect, easy operation, good quality, long service life.

Pumpkin Seed Huller Machine Composition
  • Hulling equipment: upper hopper + bucket elevator + main engine +14 circuit cabinet
  • Classification equipment: hopper + bucket elevator + grading screen
  • Cleaning and impurity removal equipment: upper hopper + screw hoist + multifunctional impurity removal machine.
Pumpkin Seed Dehulling Machine Factory Price
Working Principle of Pumpkin Seed Peeler Machine
The pumpkin seeds or cushaw squash seeds are cleaned and graded (level 4), and then hulling and sorting is performed on each level separately. The pumpkin seeds(cushaw squash seeds) that have not been hulled can be automatically returned to the sheller for re-hulling. The cushaw seed peeler machine has the characteristics of continuous shelling and shelling and separation. It is an ideal equipment for shelling and sorting seeds of pumpkin seeds and is generally praised by customers.

Factory Video of Pumpkin Seed Dehulling Machine

High-quality after-sales service for cushaw squash seed hulling machine
1) The company guarantees that all the machines sold will be tested before they leave the factory. The products will be delivered to the customer only after passing the inspection, ensuring that the customer can use the machine normally and completely avoid the customer's loss of production.

2) Provide a full set of installation, commissioning, maintenance, technical consulting and other after-sales service, with thorough, meticulous, timely speed to solve the needs of the customer in the process of the need for the support of the spare parts. All the sold products are repaired free of charge in one year.

3) Service efficiency: During the warranty period or outside of the warranty period, if the equipment fails, a satisfactory answer is given within 24 hours.
Cushaw Seed Hulling Machine

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Technical Data
Production Processes Equipment Name Quantity
Grading Unit Feeding Hopper 1
Screw Elevator 1
Multifunctional Cleaner 1
Bucket Elevator 1
Grading Machine 3
Power distribution cabinet 1
Raw material is divided into seven levels, hulling six levels
Shelling Unit Feeding Hopper 1
Bucket Elevator 1
Shelling Machine 1
Screen of shell and kernel separate machine 5
Power distribution cabinet 1


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