Automatic Moringa Seed Shelling Machine High Peeling Rate

  • Material: Moringa Seeds
  • Capacity: 300 kg/h
  • Loading Port:Qingdao Port
  • Warranty:12 Months
  • Quote Form:FOB, CIF, EXW, CFR
The moringa seed shelling machine can complete the processes of dehulling, peeling, sorting and re-selecting. Fully automatic control, ideal shelling effect, peeling rate of over 98%.
Automatic Moringa Seed Shelling Machine
Structure of Moringa Seed Peeling Machine:
The standard Moringa seed dehulling machine is mainly composed of ①feeding hopper, ②raw material hoist, ③multifunctional cleaning machine, ④bucket elevator, ⑤hulling machine host, ⑥checker, ⑦receiving hopper, ⑧wind Material return system, ⑨Composed of centralized control cabinet.
The equipment has the characteristics of low energy consumption, compact structure, small footprint, low seed kernel loss, simple operation and maintenance, etc.
Moringa Seed Peeling Machine 98% Shelling Rate
Structural Advantages of Moringa Seed Shelling Machine:
  • The unique and advanced shelling machine setting is adopted, the shelling efficiency is high, the shelling rate is ≥98%, and the whole kernel rate is ≥90%.
  • The multifunctional impurity remover can remove large impurities, small impurities, light impurities, side-by-side impurities and other impurities in the raw materials.
  • The wind-powered material return system returns the unhulled raw materials to the hulling machine to hull again.
  • The moringa seed sheller machine is centrally controlled by the electric control cabinet, and the operation is simple and intuitive.
  • Using frequency conversion design, the frequency of the sheller can be adjusted at any time according to the material condition.
  • The machine adopts an all-steel movement, and the blades are made of 99% high-alumina porcelain, which enhances the shelling effect and service life.
Installation Procedures of Moringa Seed Peeling Machine
● Arrange equipment in the order of equipment installation and arrangement according to site conditions.
●Adjust the position between the individual machines, check the connecting bolts of each part, and tighten them in time if they are loose.
● Connect each single machine with connectors according to the equipment connection diagram.

Technical Data
Model LG-LMTF300
Power 8.54W
Output capacity 250-300kg/h
Shelling Rate ≥ 98%
Whole Kernel Rate ≥ 90%
Flour area 6.5*2.8*3.5M  
Weight 3T


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