200 KG/H Hemp Seeds Shelling and Sorting Machine for Factory

  • Material: Hemp Seeds
  • Capacity: 150-200 kg/h
  • Loading Port:Qingdao Port
  • Warranty:12 Months
  • Quote Form:FOB, CIF, EXW, CFR
The hemp seed shelling and sorting machine is a professional shelling unit that includes shelling, sorting, separation, re-selection and other parts. Unique cyclic shelling structure, high shelling rate and low kernel damage rate. At the same time, the input parameters can be adjusted to control the shelling rate and kernel shaping rate of hemp.

In addition, the shelling machine also has a variety of outputs, including 200 kg/hour, 300 kg/hour, 500 kg/hour, 1000 kg/hour, etc. Meet the needs of users of different sizes.
Factory Use Hemp Seeds Sheller Machine
Structure of Hemp Seeds Shelling and Sorting Machine
The equipment includes one feeding hopper, one screw elevator, one main shelling unit(shelling, sorting, separation), one material receiving hopper, a re-sorting machine, a fan return system, and electric control cabinet.
The entire shelling unit is controlled by a centralized control cabinet. The frequency converter used to adjust the input parameters of the hemp seed shelling machine is connected to the main circuit. The parameter settings of the frequency converter have been adjusted before leaving the factory. Do not set them arbitrarily.

Process flow: Hemp seeds --- Elevating --- Shelling, Sorting and Kernel Separating --- Re-sorting ---Receiving Materials --- Electric control cabinet
Application of Factory Hemp Seeds Shelling Machine
The equipment can be used to treat sunflower seeds and sacha inchi nuts, but need to change the inside sieve tablets of shelling machine, the transformation of the sorting screening machine, change the stacked sieve tablets into fish scale sieve tablets.
Raw material requirements:Water content of hemp seeds is better in 10-12%, seeds crushing rage is less than 10%.

Advantages of Good Hemp Seed Shelling Machine:
  • The shelling unit can shell the hemp seeds of each grade after classification, and the seeds without shelling can automatically return to the sheller again until the shell is removed.
  • Sieve selection of high-quality cold-rolled steel plate made of, durable.
  • The following elastic ball design reduces the phenomenon of paste screen.
  • The use of vibrating negative pressure sorting machines and screw unloaders facilitates the collection of leather and reduces the generation of dust.
  • The vibration source of the whole set of equipment adopts the form of vibration motor, the equipment is easy to install, and the foundation is not needed quickly.
  • Shelling sorting effect is good, high efficiency, high rate of whole kernel, and to maximize the integrity of the kernels.
Hemp Seed Hulling Machine 200 KG Per Hour
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Technical Data
Item Equipment Name Capacity Dimension Power
1 Feeding Hope  
0.8*1.2*1.5m /
2 Screw Elevator Diameter 
3 Shelling Machine 1*2.1*6 m 0.75kw+
4 Receiving Hopper 1*0.4*1.5 m /
5 Fan / 1.5kw
6 Electric Cabinet / /

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