3500 KG/H Groundnut Shelling and Cleaning Machine Project

  • Material: peanut,groundnut
  • Capacity: 3500kg/h
  • Loading Port:Qingdao Port
  • Warranty:12 Months
  • Quote Form:FOB, CIF, EXW, CFR
The groundnut shelling and cleaning machine is mainly used for removing peanut shells, stones and other impurities, and separating shells and kernels. It is suitable for different sizes and different wet type peanuts / groundnuts. High shelling efficiency, less mixed in the kernel, low crushing rate.
Groundnut Shelling and Cleaning Machine
Structure of Groundnut Shelling Machine Project
1) The peanut cleaning system consists of an electric motor, a feed hopper, a sorting screen, a crankshaft, a suction fan, and an air transport device.

2) The peanut shelling system consists of an electric motor, feed hopper, shelling mechanism, grading and sorting screen, crankshaft, suction fan, A-feeding device and B-feeding device.

Structure Advantages of 3500 KG/H Groundnut Shelling and Cleaning Machine
  • Unique in design, with three-roller shelling, higher shelling efficiency, 3500 kg/h.
  • Two sets of shelled pattern bars with different shapes. Customers can choose the right one according to the characteristics of peanuts to reduce the breakage rate.
  • Grading and sorting screen. Peanuts of different sizes were subjected to secondary shelling. Separate the kernel and shell thoroughly.
  • Equipped with a spring flap door that can discharge peanut shells.
  • Conveyer part is effective and economic.
  • More than 98% of the shelling rate, less than 3.8% of the breakage rate.
  • Beautiful shape, reliable operation and convenient maintenance.
Automatic Groundnut Shelling Machine Project
Application of Automatic Groundnut Shelling Machine Project
The machine is an environmental protection model. Groundnut is removed from stone, rubbish, iron and other heavy debris and debris and floating dust by the air transport device and transported to the shelling system for peeling by the air transport device. Mechanical equipment that separates kernels and shells.
It is widely used in industrial production, peanut oil factories and some peanut snack production and processing factories.

Factory Video of Peanut Shelling and Cleaning Machine

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Technical Data
Model LG-KS3500
Capacity 3500KG/H
Nut Shelling Rate More than 98%
Breaking Rate Less than 3.8%
Loss Rate Less than 0.5%
Damage Rate Less than 3%
Impurity Rate Less than 2%
Power Cleaner: 4KW, Grade 2;
3KW, Grade 4
Sheller: 7.5KW, Grade 6;
7.5KW, Grade 4
Dimension 3010*1360*2820mm
Weight 1100kg


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