700 kg/h Sesame Butter Production Machine Line Manufacturer in China

  • Material: sesame butter
  • Capacity: 700 kg/h
  • Loading Port:Qingdao Port
  • Warranty:12 Months
  • Quote Form:FOB, CIF, EXW, CFR
Introduction of 700 kg/h Sesame Butter Production Line
This production line is specially developed by our company for the production of sesame tahini. It can produce stable and ordinary sesame butter and the fineness of tahini reach 200 mesh. The complete set of equipment realizes full automatic operation, good reliability and fully closed production to ensure the safety and hygiene of sesame paste, and is very popular in domestic and foreign markets.

Main Automatic Sesame Butter Production Process:
Raw materials - washing cleaning - roasting - cooling - rough grinding - blending - fine grinding - cooling - degassing - filling.
700 kg/h Sesame Butter Production Line Manufacturer
Composition Introduction of Sesame Butter Production Line in China
1. Sesame cleaning and drying machine is usually the first machine to make sesame sauce. It can remove sediment from sesame grain, get clean sesame, and prepare for making sesame tahini.
2. For roaster machine, It mainly reduces the moisture content of sesame to a certain standard. The roasting machine can be customized according to your demand to be gas type heating, electric type heating.

Sesame cleaning and roasting machine factory video:

3. Sesame butter grinding machine:Grinding machine is the necessary equipment for grinding peanuts and sesame seeds into butter after baking and peeling. It can be used alone or in a matching production line.

The automatic sesame butter production line capacity is 700 kg/h, for other capacity and processing procedure, they can be customized according to your demand. Just let me know your requirement, we can customize and design it to meet you satisfy.

Features of Sesame Butter Production Machine in China
  • High output, advanced product design, stable and reliable process, mass production can improve labor productivity, improve product quality, improve working conditions, reduce production area, reduce production costs, shorten production cycle, ensure production balance, significant economic benefits.
  • Operation and maintenance is simple, beautiful appearance; compact structure, smooth work, low noise, long service life.
  • The sesame butter making machine using food grade stainless steel parts and materials, safe and hygienic, durable.
  • Different production to meet the different needs of customers, the effect is good, save time and energy, energy saving, safety and health, no pollution.
  • Electrical safety in line with national standards, safe and reliable, quality assurance.
  • Over the years, our company has worked with dozens of companies to produce large and small capacity sesaem butter lines. The design of the production line can make full use of the workshop space and make the process more reasonable.
Sesame Butter Grinding Machine in China

700 kg/h Sesame Butter Production Machine Manufactuer:
We are a leading enterprise in China focusing on the manufacture of health food equipment, providing the design, manufacture, installation and commissioning of various production lines of peanut butter, sesame tahini, almond sauce, etc. According to the value of characteristic agricultural products at home and abroad, we have been committed to innovative development of new products for many years.
At present, our company's automatic sesame butter production line technology, automation level, equipment stability and other customers at home and abroad have been recognized, the core technology and production capacity of the enterprise is in the leading international level.
Technical Data
Item Name Dimension(mm) Weight(kg)
1 Pneumatic Hoister 2000*600*3500 200
2 Continuous Sesame Cleaner Machine 2300*600*1350 200
3 Dryer Machine 1000*800*650 150
4 Hoister 3000*600*3000 220
5 Continuous Roaster Machine 7000*1800*2600 3500
6 Penumatic elevator   250
7 Cooling machine 5000*800*3700 900
8 Storing and feeding machine 1500*1200*2000 250
9 Grinder Machine 1200*450*1200 370
10 Storing Tank 1000L 250
11 Mixer Tank 1000L 500
12 Vacuum Degassing Tank 1000L 500
13 Paste Pump   100*2
14 Other spare parts    


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