Small Peanut Butter Processing Production Line 100 kg/h

  • Material: Peanut Butter
  • Capacity: 100 kg/h
  • Loading Port:Qingdao Port
  • Warranty:12 Months
  • Quote Form:FOB, CIF, EXW, CFR
This small peanut butter production line can complete the process from peanut roasting to peanut butter filling. Various types of peanut butter can be made, with a capacity of 100 kg/h and low cost. It is a good choice for small-scale peanut butter producers or starters.
Small Scale Peanut Butter Production Line in China
Peanut Butter Production Process: peanut kernel → roasting → cooling → peeling → grinding butter → mixing → cooling → packaging
  • Provide customized services. We can adjust the whole set of equipment according to your factory drawings.

Features: It is characterized by flow of water, high degree of mechanization, good reliability, all closed production, pollution-free, is the production of stable peanut butter advanced equipment.
100 kg/h Peanut Butter Production Line Drawing
Machine List of Peanut Butter Processing Line
(1) Peanut roasting machine: rotary drum type roaster, auto-roasting and auto-discharging. Working temperature is 200-210℃, 20-30minutes.
(2) Cooling belt: the use of fan out of the principle of heat, cooling roasted peanuts.
(3) Peanut peeling machine: the machine adopts pneumatic pinciple, it can remove the red skin of the peanut automatically without any damage.
(4) Sorting belt: picking unqualified peanuts and some food residue.
(5) Peanut grinding machine: it can grind whole peanut into butter. Sanitary food-grade stainless steel. It can also make almond butter, walnut butter, hazelnut butter, etc.
(6) Mixing tank: make the butter more homogeneous.
(7) Peanut butter cooling machine: The temperature should go down 45℃. Fast cooling, easy cleaning and so on.
(8) Filling machine: the finished peanut butter is packed into 50-1000ml per bottle, 10-60 bottles/min.
Peanut Butter Processing Line - Grinding Machine

Application of Small Peanut Butter Production Line:
This production line is suitable for making all kinds of peanut butter.
Peanuts are roasted at high temperature, peeled, and ground to make original peanut butter; stabilizers are added to make stable peanut butter; flavors are added to make flavored peanut butter; nut crushed is added to make granular peanut butter.

Technical Data
No. Name Power(kw) Size(mm)
1 Roasting machine 23.6 2900*1500*1700
2 Cooling belt 4.25 6000*1000*1500
3 Peeling machine 0.74 1100*450*1100
4 Picking belt 0.75 6000*800*1300
5 Grinding machine 5.5 800*800*1000
6 Storage machine / 900*900*800
7 Pump 1.5 700*300*350
8 Mixing tank 2.2 200L
9 Pump 1.5 1200*300*350
10 Cooling machine 0.75 2300*500*2600
11 Filling machine    


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