Large Scale Hazelnut Shelling and Separating Machine 1 T Per Hour

  • Material: Hazelnut
  • Capacity: 800-1000 KG Per Hour
  • Loading Port:Qingdao Port
  • Warranty:12 Months
  • Quote Form:FOB, CIF, EXW, CFR
The hazelnut shelling and separating machine is suitable for large scale processing, and the processing capacity per hour is 1000 kg. It is suitable for processing different grades of almonds, hazelnuts, palm kernels, camellia, etc. The shelling is clean, the integrity rate is high, and the operation is simple and safe.
1 T Per Hour Hazelnut Shelling and Separating Line
Working Process of Large Scale Hazelnut Shelling Machine:
Elevating -- Grading -- Shelling -- Shell Kernel Separating
Automatic lifting, you only need to put the material into the hopper, the machine can shell three levels of nuts at the same time, and then transport to the separator through the bucket elevator. After screening, almonds kernels and shells are separated.

Work Video of Hazelnut Shelling Production Line

Application of 1 T Hazelnut Shelling and Separating Machine
The almond sheller can not only process almonds, but also apply to American almonds, hazelnuts, badanmu, peach kernels, peony seeds, and neem tree nuts.

By adjusting the clearance of all levels of shelling roller without grading the nuts, you can shell them at one time.
Large Capacity Hazelnut Almond Shelling Machine
Advantages of Hazelnut Shelling Machine 1 T Per Hour:
  • Multi purpose, play a greater value.
  • Realize full-automatic lifting, thus saving manpower and material resources in the whole transportation process.
  • It can handle three sizes of hazelnuts at the same time, with high efficiency.
  • Advanced structure design, high shelling rate of 98%, low damage rate of 5%.
  • Fully automatic, high efficiency, output up to 1000 kg per hour, suitable for medium and large hazelnut processing plants.
  • Simple and safe operation.

Our factory also provides a small capacity hazelnut cracking machine.
Technical Data
Machine Capacity Size Power Voltage
Hoister / 0.6*0.6*6.5m 0.75kw 380v/50HZ
Three-level Shelling Machine 1000 kg/h 3.2*2.1*2.6m 6.75kw 380V
Kernel Shell Separator 800-100 kg/h 3.2*0.9*1.6m 3-4kw 380v/50HZ  
Picking Line / 5*0.6*1.5m 0.75kw   380V/50HZ

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