Sugar Flour Coated Peanut Making Machine Line for Sale

  • Material: Peanuts
  • Capacity: 100-200 kg/h
  • Loading Port:Qingdao Port
  • Warranty:12 Months
  • Quote Form:FOB, CIF, EXW, CFR
The production line is mainly used to produce all kinds of roasted coated peanuts, such as sugar, flour or honey coated peanuts and so on. This coated peanut making machine is an ideal choice for small and medium-sized factories because of its good shape, even roasting and high automation.
Sugar Flour Coated Peanut Making Machine
Process Flow: Roasting - Peeling - Coating - Roasting - Flavoring and Mixing - Cooling - Packaging

Main Equipments of Coated Peanut Making Line:

1) Peanut roasting machine:
The roaster is mainly used for peanuts, beans, nuts and other granular materials. It uses rotary drum, air convection, infrared radiation principle. Through the work of electric heating tube heat generated by infrared radiation and hot air convection on the material to roast material. In the roasting process, the drum in the continuous rotation, so that the material roasting evenly, taste pure.

2) Peanut peeling machine:
It is specially used for peeling roasted peanut skins. After processed, peanut kernel and peanut skin will be automatic separated. 
3) Peanut coating machine:
This equipment is provided with a stepless speed regulating device, which can process various kinds of granular food, and is a special equipment for food coating, hanging sugar and shaping. It has the advantages of stable rotation, low noise and no pollution. Widely used in leisure food processing industry.
Automatic Coated Peanut Machine in Nigeria
4) Swing oven:
It is an ideal device for roasting coated peanuts, pistachios, almonds, hazelnuts, cashew nuts and other granular foods. The oven can be heated by electric heating and gas heating. In the process of roasting, the round food and the rotating sieve body rotate together, so that the food can be evenly heated, and achieve the desired roasting effect.

5) Flavoring machine:
To flavor the coated peanut, make it more delicious.
Coated Peanut Making Machine in Nigeria
Application: Sugar coated peanuts, flour coated peanuts, spicy coated  peanuts, japanese coated peanuts, crunchy coated peanut etc.. Also suitable for almond, cashew nuts and so on.

Advantages of Sugar / Flour Coated Peanut Machine
The whole line realizes automatic flow operation, saves a lot of human resources, and greatly reduces the production cost of the product. The output can be customized according to the customer's output.
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Coated Peanut Making Machine Working Video:
Technical Data
Name Parameter
Peanut Roasting machine
 (Gas heating)
Temperature: Normal
Capacity: 500-650kg/h
Power: 5.5kw/380V  /50HZ
Dimension: 5.5*3*1.7 m
Peanut peeler Peeling performance: 96%
Voltage: 380V/220V/50hz 
Capacity: 500kg/h
Coating machine Capacity: 120kg/h
power: 0.75kw
Particle swing roasting machine Power:0.75kw
Electrical heating power:20kw
Capacity: 150-200kg/h
Flavoring machine Power:0.75kw
Capacity: 250kg/h
Cooling machine Power:7.5kw
Dimension: 6*0.8*1.2m
Granule Packing Machine Power:2.5KW/220V
Measure Range:10-120g/bag.
Bag Size:L:50-160, W: 30-130
Capacity:30-60 bags/minutes


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