500L 1000L Chocolate Refiner Melanger Machine Price

  • Material: Chocolate Liquor
  • Capacity: 500L,1000L,2000L
  • Loading Port:Qingdao Port
  • Warranty:12 Months
  • Quote Form:FOB, CIF, EXW, CFR
The chocolate refiner melanger is the main machine in chocolate production. It is mainly used for grinding and refining cocoa butter, cocoa paste or cocoa mass. The 500L 1000L and other large chocolate refiner machine are suitable for medium and large chocolate factories.
Automatic Chocolate Refiner Melanger Machine
Application of 500L Chocolate Refiner Machine:
It is mainly used for grinding chocolate paste. It is also suitable for grinding jam, peanut butter,  bean powder, oil, fluids and daily chemical raw materials with fine particle size requirements.

The chocolate melanger and other chcolate machines, are widely used to produce fine quality dark, milk and white chocolates, truffles, pralines, compounds etc.
Chocolate Melanger Making Machine Price

Advantages of Chocolate Melanger Machine:
  • The slurry is evenly mixed, emulsified and dehydrated, and the billet deodorizes.
  • After fine grinding, the polygonal raw materials are ground into circular or elliptical shapes to achieve fine granularity and meet the requirements of chocolate production and manufacturing process.
  • In the process of fine grinding, it is totally closed, which guarantees the hygienic requirements.
  • The grinder body is composed of a cylinder body and a double-layer jacket. The jacket is equipped with an electric heating pipe, which can heat the water in the jacket.
  • The whole machine is equipped with jacket thermal insulation thermometer and slurry thermometer, which can display the temperature state at any time and can be controlled freely. 
  • Good quality materials and factorty price.
 500-1000 L Chocolate Refiner Machine Price
Operational Instructions of Chocolate Refiner Melanger Machine:
1. The operation of the grinding machine should follow the direction of arrowhead, not to reverse.

2. All debugging is normal. Electric heating should be turned on to preheat the cylinder to the required temperature.

3. When the raw materials are put into the chocolate melanger machine, oil should be put in first, then powder-like raw materials should be put in, and cocoa butter should be put alternately in stages. Cocoa liquid blocks should be cut into small pieces beforehand, and can be put in after heating and dissolving (temperature not exceeding 50 C). It is forbidden to throw solid blocks, let alone one-time feeding, in order to avoid damaging blades, liner, and affecting stirring and grinding fineness.

4. The motor load should be controlled and the current intensity should be controlled at 22-24A after the fine grinding machine starts to operate.

5. The temperature of chocolate slurry should be strictly controlled. In the process of in-machine grinding, chocolate slurry will generate heat, which will lead to temperature rise. The central temperature should not exceed 45-50 C.

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Technical Data
Model LG-CJM500 LG-CJM1000
Maximum capacity(L) 500 1000
Fine grinding size(μm) 20-25 20-25
Fine grinding time(h) 12-18 14-20
Power of motor(kw) 15 22
Power of electric heater(kw) 7.5 7.5
Weight(kg) 2800 3500
Dimension(mm) 2500*1080*1370 2780*1330*1800

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