Auomatic Chocolate Bar Moulding Machine LG-CJZ275T

  • Material: Chocolate
  • Capacity: 410 pcs moulds
  • Loading Port:Qingdao Port
  • Warranty:12 Months
  • Quote Form:FOB, CIF, EXW, CFR
The chocolate bar moulding machine is a fully automatic depositing machine that integrates two baking molds, three pourings, one turning mold, three vibrating molds, three cooling, demoulding and conveying. The entire production process is fully automatic, accurate pouring quantity and accurate template positioning.

LG-CJZ275T chocolate moulding machine can produce single color, double color left and right, double color up and down, three colors up and down, big sandwich, whole nut sandwich, broken nut sandwich and other chocolate products. It can also produce large chocolate bar.
Chocolate Bar Moulding Machine LG-CJZ275T
Working Principle of Automatic Chocolate Moulding Machine
This machine uses a motor, a reducer, an indexing positioning mechanism, and a sprocket to make rotary movements. 
The template is moved forward in the guide rail by a special chain plate on the chain. This machine uses a proximity switch to control the start and stop of the motor to position the template, uses a variable frequency (servo) motor to cast, and uses the frequency (servo) motor stroke to control the pouring amount.
Automatic Chocolate Moulding Machine in China
Advantages of Chocolate Bar Moulding Machine
  • It has a wide range of templates and can make a variety of chocolates.
  • Accurate pouring quantity and accurate template positioning.
  • During the pouring of the core, the amount of core material is large, which can reach 15% (55 ﹪) of the total.
  • Use world-renowned brand parts, including pneumatic parts, electrical parts and operating parts.
  • All parts are made of stainless steel and sealed to meet hygienic requirements.
  • The straight structure is simple, the operation is simple, and the installation and maintenance are convenient.

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Technical Data
Model LG-CJZ250T
Capacity(mould pieces/min) 6-15
Power(kw) 61
Quantity of Moulds(pieces) 410
Size of  Mould(mm) 275*175*30
Weight(KG) 6500
Size of Machine(mm) 15420*5270*2100


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