LG-CJZ175D Automatic Chocolate Depositing Line Machine One Head

  • Material: Chocolate
  • Capacity: 6-15 Mould Pieces Per Minute
  • Loading Port:Qingdao Port
  • Warranty:12 Months
  • Quote Form:FOB, CIF, EXW, CFR
This automatic chocolate depositing line is a special machine for quantitative pouring of chocolate. It can be used for pouring monochrome, bicolor and sandwich chocolate. The whole machine is made of stainless steel, the template runs smoothly, precise pouring, PLC touch screen control.
LG-CJZ510D Automatic Chocolate Depositing Line
Main Structure of LG-CJZ175 Chocolate Depositing Machine
The machine mainly includes: frame, main transmission mechanism, quantitative pouring mechanism, automatic drying mechanism, automatic vibration table, pneumatic control part, and electric control part.

Working Process of Chocolate Depositing Line Machine
  • Firstly, the template is manually placed into the mold holder, and the special chain on the chain drives the template to move forward;
  • When the mold is driven to the drying mechanism, the mold is dried and heated by the opening drying mechanism;
  • The casting mechanism pours the mold when the template is brought under the pouring mechanism by the chain plate;
  • Then the chain plate brings the mold to the vibration table, and the chocolate slurry in the mold is shaken by the vibration table;
  • Then, the mold is brought to the exit by the chain plate, and is manually removed and placed in a cooling tunnel or a cold store for cooling molding.

Video of Chocolate Depositing Production Line

Structure Advantages of Automatic Chocolate Depositing Machine
  • The multi-functional pouring head can work continuously, can produce pure chocolate, sandwich and up and down, left and right double-color chocolate, the product is smooth and beautiful.
  • The simple operation of the PLC touch screen control is stable, safe and reliable.
  • The inverter is driven by a variable frequency (servo) motor, and the amount of pouring is controlled by the frequency conversion (servo) motor stroke. The template runs smoothly and the casting is quantitatively accurate.
  • The whole production process includes automatic working procedures such as baking, pouring, oscillating, cooling, demoulding and conveying, which has high production efficiency and saves manpower.
Automatic Chocolate Depositing Machine One Head
The use environment must meet the following conditions:
1. The ambient temperature is 5-40 ° C;
2.Tto prevent rain dripping or wet environment;
3. Prevent oil mist and salt erosion;
4. Avoid direct sunlight;
5. To prevent corrosive liquids, gas;
6. Keep away from radioactive materials and combustibles.
Technical Data
Model LG-CJZ175D LG-CJZ175S
(Two Head)
Capacity(mould pieces/min) 6-15 6-15
Power(KW) 19 23
Quantity of Moulds(pieces) 280 330
Size of  Mould(mm) 330*200*30 330*200*30
Weight(KG) 3500 4500
Size of Machine(mm) 16000*1000*1600 16000*1000*1800


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