LG-CJZ175S Chocolate Candy Making Machine Factory Price

  • Material: Chocolate
  • Capacity: 330 Pieces Moulds
  • Loading Port:Qingdao Port
  • Warranty:12 Months
  • Quote Form:FOB, CIF, EXW, CFR
LG-CJZ175S model chocolate candy making machine is equipped with two depositing heads, which can produce single-color chocolate candy, left-right two-color chocolate candy, upper and lower two-color chocolate candy, and syrup sandwich chocolate candy.
Function: drying mold, secondary pouring, secondary vibration molding, secondary cooling, demoulding, conveying.
LG-CJZ175S Chocolate Candy Making Machine for Sale
Working Principle of Chocolate Candy Making Machine
First, the template is placed in the mold adding frame, the chain drives the template to move forward, and the mold is baked and heated when the mold is under the mold drying mechanism. When the mold runs under the pouring mechanism, pouring is performed. When the mold reaches the shaking table, the chocolate slurry is shaken. Then it reaches the discharge port and enters the cooling tunnel for cooling forming.

Working Video of Chocolate Candy Making Machine

Structural Features of Chocolate Candy Making Machine for Sale
  • Precise template positioning: Proximity switches are used to control the start and stop of the motor to position the template.
  • Accurate pouring quantification: The inverter (servo) motor stroke is used to control the pouring quantity, and the error does not exceed 2G.
  • Wide range of applicable templates: By replacing different templates, different shapes of products can be changed.
  • Simple changeover; the special mechanism is designed to connect the template with the chain, which can realize the plug and play of the template, which is efficient and fast.
  • PLC intelligent control, low labor intensity, convenient operation and maintenance.
Chocolate Candy Making Machine Price in China

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Technical Data
Model LG-CJZ175D LG-CJZ175S
Capacity(mould pieces/min) 6-15 6-15
Power(kw) 19 23
Quantity of Moulds(pieces) 280 330
Size of  Mould(mm) 330*200*30 330*200*30
Weight(kg) 3500 4500
Size of Machine(mm) 16000*1000*1600 16000*1000*1800


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