Fully Automatic Chocolate Bar Production Machine Line Cost

  • Material: Cocoa butter, cocoa powder, sugar
  • Capacity: 100 kg/h
  • Loading Port:Qingdao Port
  • Warranty:12 Months
  • Quote Form:FOB, CIF, EXW, CFR
This is a fully automatic chocolate bar production line, which can complete the entire production process, including melting, fine grinding, storage, tempering, pouring and so on.
High degree of automation, wide application formwork, low labor intensity, sealed production, and meet hygienic requirements. Multiple output options, suitable for chocolate manufacturing factories of all sizes.
Automatic Chocolate Bar Production Line Cost
Automatic Chocolate Bar Production Machines:
1. Chocolate Fat Melting Tank
It is mainly used to melt cocoa mass or cocoa butter, and the temperature controller automatically controls the heating temperature.
It is used to finely grind chocolate paste to achieve the purpose of fineness and mellow taste.
3. Storage Machine
It has the functions of temperature reduction, temperature increase, heat preservation and so on. It can also continuously stir the chocolate paste.
Automatically control the different temperatures required by the chocolate slurry in each process stage to ensure the quality of the chocolate product, make the chocolate's natural aroma stronger, lubricate, bright in color and good in storage.
Chocolate Bar Production Machines - Tempering Machine
5. Chocolate Pouring machine
Special equipment for quantitative pouring of chocolate, which integrates baking mold, pouring, vibrating mold, cooling, demoulding and conveying.
Application: This chocolate bar production line is suitable for single-color chocolate, left-right two-color chocolate, top-bottom two-color chocolate, and paste sandwich chocolate, nut sandwich chocolate, etc.
Chocolate Bar Production Machines in Factory
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Technical Data
No. Name Capacity Power Weight
1 Melting machine 600L Pump power:0.2KW
Electric heating power:6KW
2 Conche machine 1000L Main motor power:22KW
Regulating motor power:1.5KW
Electric heating power:6KW
3 Storage tank 1000L Main motor power:2.2KW
Electric heating power:4KW
4 Tempering machine 250 L 7.1KW 660kg
5 Depositing machine 50-150kg/h 14KW 2500kg

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