200-250 KG Vertical Chocolate Ball Mill Refiner Machine for Sale

  • Material: Chocolate
  • Capacity: 200-250 kg
  • Loading Port:Qingdao Port
  • Warranty:12 Months
  • Quote Form:FOB, CIF, EXW, CFR
The vertical chocolate ball mill machine is an ideal equipment for grinding milling chocolate slurry and similar low-fat slurry efficiently. 200-250 kg/h capacity, low energy consumption, uniform fineness.
Working Principle of 250 KG Chocolate Ball Mill Refiner
The machine has two spindles with discs, which drive alloy steel balls to rotate. Through the collision and friction between steel balls and materials, the fineness of chocolate slurry particles is continuously reduced to meet product requirements.
 200-250 KG Chocolate Ball Mill Machine for Sale
Advantages of Chocolate Ball Mill Machine 200-250 KG/H:
  • Paste homogenization grinding fineness reaches 25 micron.
  • Temperature controller and electric heating system can accurately control the temperature of chocolate raw materials or mixtures.
  • PLC automatic controller, easy to operate chocolate ball mill refiner.
  • High efficiency. The refining time is much less than traditional chocolate refiner machine.
  • High quality materials. The interior of the tank is 304 stainless steel. The impeller is made of T10 steel and the ball is made of bearing steel. The size of the impeller is 5 mm. Each machine has about 180 kg balls. The shaft is made of 40Cr.
  • Small occupied space.
  • Saving labor, one person can operate the ball mill.
 Vertical Chocolate Ball Mill Refiner LG-CQM250

Chocolate Ball Mill for Sale can be used as an independent refining equipment. It can also be equipped with a chocolate conche machine, thermal insulation cylinder and slurry pump to produce continuously, which can reduce labor intensity and improve production efficiency.
Technical Data
Model LG-CQM250
Main Motor Power (kW) 15
Biaxial Revolution Speed
(rpm/Variable Frequency Control)
Capacity (kg/h) 200-250
Fineness (μm) 20-25
Ball Material  Ball Bearing Steel
Balls Weight(kg) 180
Whole Machine Weight(kg) 2000
Outside Dimension (mm) 1100*1250*2150


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