300 KG Raw Cashew Nut Shelling Processing Unit for Sale

  • Material: Raw cashew nuts
  • Capacity: 500 kg/h
  • Loading Port:Qingdao Port
  • Warranty:12 Months
  • Quote Form:FOB, CIF, EXW, CFR
This cashew nut processing unit mainly completes the raw cashew nut shelling work, including a hoist, three cashew nut shelling machines, a shell and kernel separator and a grading machine. The shelling rate exceeds 98%, and the output is 300 kg/h.
 Raw Cashew Processing Unit for Sale
For a complete raw cashew nut processing unit, the production process is:
Raw cashew grading--steaming--shelling--drying--cashew kernel peeling--cashew kernel grading--vacuum bag packaging (export)
Among them, the cashew nut shelling unit is the core part of the whole set of equipment, which directly affects the quality of the cashew nut product.

The Components of Cashew Nut Shelling Unit:
  • 1. Shelling Part: Shelling machine is with 100kg/h for each set. For 300kg/h production line, need 3 sets. It also including: 2 hoppers, several distribution pipes, 4 fans.
  • 2. Shell and Kernel Separating Machine: It is separating shell and kernel by vibrating. 
  • 3. Centrifugal Separating Part: It is separating shell and kernel by Centrifugal. Including: 1 centrifuge, 1 shell and kernel separator, 1 sorter and hoppers and tubes.

Machine material: carbon steel frame and SS201 food contact part
Automatic Cashew Nut Shelling Unit
Raw Cashew Nut Processing Unit Supplier
Advantages of Cashew Processing Unit for Sale:
  • It can adjust the machine to shelling for different size.
  • Automatic shelling technology, no need to place materials, automatic blanking positioning.
  • Multi-loop, multi-channel separation and shelling for multiple times, the shelling efficiency is high, higher than 98%.
  • Big capacity, low cost and high profit.
  • The speed control of the whole line is divided into sections, and the electronic synchronous control system is adopted.
Technical Data
Name Cashew Shelling Unit
Capacity 300kg/h
Total Power 12kw
Dimension 8000*6850*2600mm
Weight 2000kg


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