LG-SB Series Sugar Grinder Pulverizer Machine Manufacturer

  • Material: sugar, salt
  • Capacity: 50-200kg/h
  • Loading Port:Qingdao Port
  • Warranty:12 Months
  • Quote Form:FOB, CIF, EXW, CFR
The sugar pulverizer machine is made of stainless steel materials, a food grade grinder. It is mainly suitable for grinding low hardness material in food industry (for example:ginger, black pepper, pepper, lettuce, beans, sugar, salt etc). The sugar powder fineness is adjustable.
Sugar Grinder Pulverizer Machine Manufacturer in China
Application of Stainless Steel Sugar Grinder Pulverizer
It can grind various low hardness material in the pharmaceutical, chemical and food industry, heat sensitive, oily, viscous fibrous etc, like spices powder, beans, grain rice, sugar, salt, aniseed, cinnamon and so on. The sugar pulverizer has the advantages of high yield, fine granularity, low noise, low energy consumption, simple maintenance, convenient installation.
Features of LG-SB Series Sugar Pulverizer Machine
  • The machine is designed according to "GMP" standard. All the materials are made of stainless steel, and the crushing room is equipped with water jacket.
  • Sugar grinding machine for sale has the advantages of simple structure, high output and easy cleaning. It is the most ideal grinding equipment at present.
  • The crushed material can be discharged directly from the grinding chamber and discharged from the outlet. The general material after crushing after use cotton bag to collect the crushed material collected in the bag, the air bag is from small holes, not the fine powder is discharged, so as to not waste, no pollution effect.
LG-B/C Series Sugar Pulverizer Machine Supplier in China
  • The particle size of sugar powder can be adjusted by replacing different mesh screen. Fineness of sugar/salt powder is 20-120 mesh
  • A special labyrinth seal is installed in the bearing parts of the industrial sugar pulverizer machine, which can effectively prevent dust from entering the bearing cavity, thus prolonging the service life of the bearing. 
  • Silicone rubber sealing ring is installed in the machine door, no dust leakage is found, and the operating environment is polluted.
Working Principle of Industrial Sugar Grinding Machine:
When the motor rotates, the motor drives the main shaft and the cutter head to rotate at high speed. The crushing block consists of crushing and grinding knife disc and ring on the screen, when the material enters from the hopper in the machine cavity, the material in the cutter rotating airflow in tight friction and strong impact to the blade inside cutter, and grinding blockonce again in the gap between the blade and the grinding. 

At the same time crushing the material, the cutter suction a large amount of air, these airflow played a cooling machine, grinding materials and the role of conveying fine materials.

Sugar Grinder Pulverizer Machine Working Video:

Our factory is the various models sugar pulverizer machine manufacturer, machines with different production capacity can meet the different needs of customers.
Technical Data
Model LG-S20B LG-S30B
Capacity(kg/h) 50-100 50-200
Crushed powder
20-120 20-120
Cutter diameter(mm) 200 300
Host power(kw) 4 5.5
Dimension(mm) 600*500*1170 750*600*1370
Weight(kg) 140 220


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