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  • Material: soya milk
  • Capacity: 40-110L
  • Loading Port:Qingdao Port
  • Warranty:12 Months
  • Quote Form:FOB, CIF, EXW, CFR
Soya Milk Making Machine Description:
Refiner can soak soybeans for pulp separation, the separation of soy milk in the boiling pulp steam from soy milk steaming machine to fishy, homogenized, emulsified, so as to produce a fresh soy milk puree. The machine uses a professional "eddy mill grinding" technology, completely get rid of the manual operation. This ensures that the crushing effect for up to 13 minutes is better, the crushing is more delicate and the yield is greatly increased. Low noise operation, small footprint, and easy operation!

Soybean Milk Making Machine Structure:
This machine is all stainless steel structure, which consists of separate refiner, slag container, pulp bucket, steam bag and electrical control part controlled by the temperature control cooker barrel, the temperature reaches the automatic control of heating; steam packet with a water level meter easy to add water.
Working Principle of Soya Milk Grinder
First, the high-speed separation of the grinding mill process soaked soybeans, the discharge of okara, the resulting soybean milk heated by steam to fishy, homogeneous boiled pulp, and then add auxiliary materials defoaming, emulsifying, coagulation, forming treatment can be generated out of nutrition-rich soy products.
Soya Milk Making Machine Manufacturer
Installation of Soybean Milk Grinder
1, the machine is placed in a clean and sanitary, away from the wall at a distance, easy to connect tap water and easy drainage. According to the mark on the machine, connect the water pipe to the water inlet pipe of the machine, and connect the outlet of the water pipe to the drain or sewer, ensure that the connection pipe from the machine to the drain pipe is from high to low, Affect the normal discharge of the machine. Adjust the machine pin to make the machine steady.
2, with a standard gas hose to the machine inlet nozzle connected to the gas valve and lock the throat plug, pressure reducing valve connected with the cylinder must be tightened, can not leak phenomenon.
Special attention: The valve used in this machine must be supplied with the low-pressure relief valve, prohibit the use of high and medium pressure relief valve, or the consequences.
3, Power: 220V / 380V, 50Hz, single-phase three-wire system.
Soybean Milk Grinder Machine
Technical Data
Model LG-30 LG-50 LG-80
Voltage 220v 50hz 380V 50Hz 380V 50Hz
6Kw 15Kw 18Kw
750w 1500w 1500w
Capacity 40L 80L 100L
Weight 60Kg 120Kg 150Kg


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