Pepper Grinder|Spices Powder Milling Machine for Sale

  • Material: Pepper, chili, spices
  • Capacity: 50-400 kg/h
  • Loading Port:Qingdao Port
  • Warranty:12 Months
  • Quote Form:FOB, CIF, EXW, CFR
Usages of Pepper Gridner Machine:
This grinder machine is widely used in grinding a lot of materials in pharmaceutical, chemical, food and other industries. This machine adopts the wind wheel type high speed rotary knife, knife shock, cutting and grinding, grinding time accompanied by strong airflow inside the grinding chamber, the heat and the finished products through the screen flow, particle size via the screen crushing chamber adopts wind wheel type high-speed rotary tool machine, its cavity volume and the machine cavity is not easy fever. The utility model has the advantages of smooth operation, convenient disassembly and assembly, low noise, good grinding effect, etc..

Pepper Grinder Machine for Sale

Characteristic of Spices Powder Millling Machine:
1. The machine is designed according to "GMP" standard. All the materials are made of stainless steel, and the crushing room is equipped with water jacket.
2. Powder mill has the advantages of simple structure, high output and easy cleaning. It is the most ideal grinding equipment at present.
3. The crushed material can be discharged directly from the grinding chamber and discharged from the outlet. The general material after crushing after use cotton bag to collect the crushed material collected in the bag, the air bag is from small holes, not the fine powder is discharged, so as to not waste, no pollution effect.
4. The particle size of powder can be adjusted by replacing different mesh screen.

1. the external power supply of the machine should be installed with suitable circuit breaker according to the power of the machine. The purpose is to cut off the power supply automatically when the machine load is too large and the current is too large to protect the motor!
2. when the machine is working, make sure to have someone to take care of.
3. the material particles to be crushed should not be too large, in case of stuffy machine (that is because the machine is too large to cause the speed significantly slowed down or passive stop operation), should immediately cut off the power supply.
4. if the crushed particles are too large, the crusher should be broken through the crusher, and then crushed by the machine.

Spice Powder Milling Machine
Technical Data
Model LG-S30B LG-S40B
Capacity(kg/h) 50-200 100-400
Crushed powder
20-120 20-120
Cutter diameter(mm) 300 350
Host power(kw) 5.5 11
Dimension(mm) 750*600*1370 850*700*1450
Weight(kg) 220 440


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