Industrial Cocoa Liquor Making Processing Machine Batch Type

  • Material: Cocoa Beans
  • Capacity: 100 kg/h
  • Loading Port:Qingdao Port
  • Warranty:12 Months
  • Quote Form:FOB, CIF, EXW, CFR
This cocoa liquor making machine is a batch type cocoa processing machine, including cocoa bean roaster, cocoa nibs machine and cocoa paste grinding machine. The whole set of equipment has stable operation, simple operation and maintenance, and low investment cost. And the finished cocoa liquor has high quality and can be further processed into cocoa butter and cocoa powder.

Cocoa Liquor Production Process:
Cocoa Beans - Cleaning - Roasting - Cooling - Peeling - Cocoa Nibs - Grinding - Cocoa Paste
Industrial Cocoa Liquor Making Machine Line
Industrial Cocoa Liquor Processing Machine
1. Cocoa Bean Roasting Machine
This special roasting machine is a batch roasting machine with automatic temperature control in the whole process to ensure that the cocoa roasting temperature is stable and uniform, the roasted cocoa beans are complete and the moisture content is reduced to less than 3%. Stainless steel material makes cocoa processing safer, and the temperature control meter can display the current temperature and set temperature. It is suitable for roasting various nuts, including peanuts, almonds, cashews, etc.

The cocoa bean roaster machine adopts a 360° rotating cage structure. During the roasting process, the cocoa beans are continuously propelled by the propelling device in the barrel to form an uninterrupted cycle to ensure that they are heated evenly and effectively ensure the roasting quality.

2. Cooling Machine
Before the cocoa beans are peeled, they need to be cooled to separate the skin from the kernel.
This is a cooling device. After cooling by a fan, the temperature of the roasted cocoa beans can be quickly reduced to below 60 °C, and the cocoa bean skin can be removed more easily. The machine is also made of stainless steel.
Batch Type Cocoa Bean Roasting and Cooling Machine

3. Peeling Machine for Making Cocoa Nibs
This special cocoa bean peeling machine adopts the crushing form of three rubber rollers and is equipped with an intermittent adjustment device. It can be adjusted arbitrarily for different varieties of cocoa beans, and the peeling rate can reach more than 95%. During the vibration conveying process, the sticking skin and beans are separated, and the detached red skin is separated by a low-pressure fan, and the germ is sieved.

This machine specially used to produce cocoa nibs has reasonable structure and high efficiency, and the produced cocoa nibs are beautiful and less wasted.

4. Cocoa Liquor Making Machine
The cocoa nibs are subjected to high-speed shearing and friction of the stator and rotor in the process of grinding the sauce, and are effectively broken, dispersed, emulsified and mixed into particles of only about 0.15mm, which become cocoa sauce.
The main working parts of the cocoa paste grinding machine are made of 420 stainless steel, with high processing precision and long service life. The whole machine is made of high-quality stainless steel, which is corrosion-resistant, safe and hygienic.

We Offer a Full Range of Cocoa Processing Machinery
In addition to the above cocoa liquor processing machines, we also provide you with cocoa butter and cocoa powder production lines to meet your processing needs of different scales, with capacities ranging from 100 kg/h to 1000 kg/h. For new businessmen, our company also provides you with mature processing techniques and formulas to help you open up the market.

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Technical Data
No. Name Power(kw) Size(mm)
1 Cocao Roasting Machine (electric) 18 2300*1050*1750
2 Cocoa Bean Peeling Machine 1.5+0.75 1800*750*1300
3 Cocoa Liquor Grinding Machine 7.5 700*430*1000


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