200 KG Walnut Roasting Drying Machine Production Line USA

  • Material: Walnuts
  • Capacity: 200 kg/h
  • Loading Port:Qingdao Port
  • Warranty:12 Months
  • Quote Form:FOB, CIF, EXW, CFR
The walnut production line is mainly used to various seasoned roasted nuts kernel, like spicy nut, honey sweet nut, salty walnuts etc.. Automatic production, electric control cabinet control the whole production line, simple operation. Stainless steel material, food production safety and health. Various output, 100, 200, 300, 500 kg per hour.

Roasted Walnut Process Flow: Roasting - Cooling - Seasoning - Drying - Cooling
200 KG Walnut Roasting Production Line Cost
The whole walnut roasting line is composed of a drum roaster, cooler, seasoning machine, drying and cooling machine(customized). The best roasting effect can be ensured by adjusting the running speed of the conveyor belt and setting the roasting and drying temperature.
1. Drum Type Walnut Roasting Machine
  • The model roaster max load is 200kg/h, in this line, you can load 160kg into two drums.
  • Applicable material:peanuts, cocoa beans, pecan nut, almond, cashew and some other nuts roasting.
  • Roasting temperature:0-300℃, and that can adjustable.
  • Gas heating type, with automated out of the material into the conveyor.
Drum Walnut Roasting and Cooling Machine USA
2. Cooling machine(Negative pressure type)
Cools from 130 degree to room temperature. It’s about 6meters in length and the end will be connected to the bridge ,which ends in the seasoning drum.
3. Seasoning machine(Drum type)
The automatic flavoring machine is mainly used for stirring and mixing materials. According to different flavoring, it can make different taste food. sesoning time is 6-8 minutes. High quality stainless steel material.
4. Walnut Drying and Cooling Machine
Gas heating function. The length is about 11 meters, the first half is used for drying, the second half is used for cooling, and the drying temperature can be adjusted After the cooling process, the temperature of the nut will reach room temperature and finally enter the hopper of the packaging machine.
200 KG/H Walnut Drying and Cooling Machine
Features of of Walnut Roasting and Drying Machine USA
  • With gas as the heat source, materials are dried (baked) using the principle of thermal radiation, and the hot air circulates through the material layer by the fan, so that the hot air and materials are evenly heated.
  • According to the different materials and moisture content of baking, set different temperatures in the furnace (Reference: low temperature drying about 80 degrees, baking about 150 degrees).
  • Fast temperature rise, stable performance and low power consumption.

Application: The roasted nut production line is also suitable for process all kinds of nuts, like peanut, walnut, pecan nut, almond, cashew nut, pine nut, pistachio, hazelnut etc..

Video of 200 KG Nuts Roasting Production Line:

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Technical Data
No. Name Capacity
1 Drum roasting machine 200 36-44 2900*2100*1650
2 Conveyor belt / 0.75 3200*700*1650
3 Cooling machine / 5.6 6000*1250*2000
4 Seasoning machine / 0.75 2300*1500*1600
5 Drying and cooling machine 200 5.2+30 11000*1300*1650

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