500 KG German Almond Nut Roasting Machine Industrial Use

  • Material: German Nuts
  • Capacity: 500 kg/h
  • Loading Port:Qingdao Port
  • Warranty:12 Months
  • Quote Form:FOB, CIF, EXW, CFR
German nut roasting machine is suitable for low temperature drying and high temperature roasting of almond, cashew, walnut, hazelnut and other nuts products. The heat source can be heated by gas or electric. It has the advantages of energy saving safety, good baking quality, low operating cost and long service life.
German Nut Roasting Production Machine 500 KG/H
If you want to build a German nut production plant, three equipments are essential:

1. Nuts Roasting Machine in Germany
The materials pass through three temperature zones: high temperature roasting, low temperature drying and cooling. The processed nut products are cold and easy to be reprocessed, packaged or stored. Adjustable temperature: 0-300 ℃.

2. Nut Seasoning Machine
Mainly used for mixing seasoning powder or spraying at the later stage of food processing. Tilt type seasoning roller, fully automatic control of speed and material capacity. It can be equipped with vibrating duster.

3. Nut Packaging Machine
The machine is suitable for the packaging of bulk objects with high precision and fragility, such as puffed food, potato chips, candy, nuts and so on. It can be automatically matched with the metering device to complete the whole packaging process of metering, feeding, filling and bag making, date printing and finished product output.
Chinese Almond Roasting Machine Factory Price
Applications of Industrial Almond Roasting Machine:
Peanuts, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, melon seeds, cashew nut, almond, walnuts, hazelnut, pistachios, pine nut etc. It has facility designed to realize the recirculation of roasting air.hence decreases the enengy consumption.

Structure: The roaster is composed of feeding part, roasting part, cooling part and discharging part. Different areas are insulated for minimum heat loss and lowest running cost.
Working Principle of German Nut Roasting Machine
This machine adopts chain plate. In the baking process, the baked goods are evenly spread on the surface of the chain plate, and the high-pressure hot air is evenly penetrated in the material layer, making it evenly heated, effectively ensuring the baking quality.

The use of super strong centrifugal fan makes the air circulate between the two rooms, on the one hand, enhances the heat exchange effect of the heating device, on the other hand, the high-pressure hot air directly acts on the materials, and improves the baking efficiency.

Work Video of 500 KG Almond Nut Roasting Machine

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Technical Data
Model LG-LHE8.5A LG-LHE11.5A
Transimission power(kw) 12 14
Heating power(kw) 90 110
Thickness of material(mm) 50-60 50-60
Capacity(kg/h) 500-800 800-1200
Dimension(mm) 8500*2000*2600 11500*2000*2600


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