LG-GHE4 Groundnut Roasting Machine in Nigeria|Peanut Roaster Machine Price

  • Material: groundnut
  • Capacity: 100-600 kg/h
  • Loading Port:Qingdao Port
  • Warranty:12 Months
  • Quote Form:FOB, CIF, EXW, CFR
This LG-GHE4 groundnut roastingmachine consists of 4 rotary drum, which can roast 400-500 kg peanuts per hour. Many Nigeria customers bought this machine for roasting groundnuts. This roaster is often matched with roasted groundnut peeling machine.
LGMHK-4 Groundnut Roasting Machine Nigeria
Price of peanut roaster machine depends on the actual production requirement and customization. If you want to know the actual peanut roaster machine price, just feel free to call 0086-15515597121.

Gas Heating Groundnut Roasting Machine Principle
This machine is a rotary drum roaster and use electric, coal or gas as heating source. The drum roaster uses the principle of heat conduction and heat radiation, uses hot air as the drying medium, and acts on the materials to be roasted. During the roasting process, the objects to be roasted are continuously tumbled in the cage to form an uninterrupted cycle, so that the materials are evenly heated and the baking quality is effectively ensured.
4 Drum Groundnut Roasting Machine in Nigeria
Characteristics of Nigeria Groundnut Roasting Machine:
  • Cage is made of stainless steel plate punching, 5 times longer than ordinary mesh.
  • The exclusive clutch design, all components are precision machined to prevent unnecessary loss due to sudden power failure.
  • Widely application, peanuts, broad beans, cocoa beans, seeds, almonds, nuts and other nutty granular materials.
  • Use rotary cage, air convection conduction. Infrared radiation principle.
  • The rotation of the drum ensures material to be evenly heated.
  • Energy saving, safety, convenient operation and easy operation.
  • Automatic temperature control. 0-300 degrees free adjustment.
Drum Peanut Roaster Machine Working Video

Technical Data
Model Dimension(mm) Output
LG-GHE1 2900*1500*1650 100-150 23.6 700
LG-GHE2 2900*2180*1650 200-300 47.2 1200
LG-GHE3 2900*3020*1650 300-400 70.8 1600
LG-GHE4 2900*3850*1650 400-500 94.4 2000
LG-GHE5 2900*4700*1650 500-600 118.5 2400


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