Hazelnut Gas Peeling Machine|Cashew Kaju Skin Removing Machinery Low Cost

  • Material: hazelnut,cashew,kaju
  • Capacity: 300-400kg/h
  • Loading Port:Qingdao Port
  • Warranty:12 Months
  • Quote Form:FOB, CIF, EXW, CFR
Working Principle of Hazelnut Gas Peeling Machine
This skin peeler machine adopts the principle of aerodynamics to peel the roasted hazelnut, cashew nut, kaju etc., and there is no damage after peeling. The peeling rate reaches 98%, and the kernel and the skin are automatically separated. The hazelnut and cashew skin removing machine is currently the most advanced dry peeling equipment in China.

Features of Cashew Gas Peeling Machine Machinery
The multifunctional cashew peeling machine has a production capacity of 300-400kg/hour, and a number of models are available for users to choose. The de-purification rate is more than 98%. Applicable to food processing plants, restaurants, farmers markets and other places.
Hazelnut Peeling Machine Machinery
Thank you for your trust and support for LONGER Machinery. We attach great importance to the pre-sales and after-sales services of kaju peeling machine, and provide you with the most efficient and most enthusiastic service with advanced technology and first-class technical service personnel. Our service commitments are as follows:
1: Pre-sale consultation
If you are interested in our cashew skin removing machine, there are purchase intentions, we can provide you with detailed information, you can inquire, so that you make a detailed understanding of our products. We can also meet the customer's request to use the site to visit.
We can according to your requirements for you to design for your production of products.
2: Usage Guidelines
After you purchase our factory's products, we send professional and technical personnel to your company for installation, commissioning, and operation training. After the standby machine is operating normally and the skilled workers can operate, our factory technicians can leave the factory.
3: Machine Maintenance
All products of our factory will have a one-year warranty period from your purchase date. During the warranty period, our factory will send professional and technical personnel to provide timely maintenance. Implement a lifelong tracking service system.
Cashew Skin Removing Machine
Technical Data
Model LG-HCP300
Capacity 300-400kg
Weight  150kg  
Dimension 0.97*0.7*1.5m
Disengagement Rate 95%


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