Cowpea Skin Peeling Machine Manufacturers

  • Material: cowpea,black eyed beans
  • Capacity: 100-300 kg/h
  • Loading Port:Qingdao Port
  • Warranty:12 Months
  • Quote Form:FOB, CIF, EXW, CFR
Working Principle of Cowpea Skin Peeling Machine
The soaked cowpea (peanuts, beans, almonds) poured into the hopper, the vibrations make the raw materials into rotation wheel by three power roller fixed.Through the function of the guide bar and the feeding wheel,the blade of the knife holder is used to cut the raw material outer skin, and then the discharging wheel presses the peeled rice, the kernel and the bean into the hopper and is discharged from the discharge hopper, and the outer skin is thrown out by the leather throwing wheel.
Cowpea Skin Peeling Machine

Features of Cowpea Peeling Machine
1. It can remove the skin of peanut/almond/chicpeas/cowpea off easily and gently like human hand.
2. High skin peeling rate and low kernel broken rate.
3. Wide usage. The peeling machine is suitable for remove skin of peanut, almond, soybean, 
4. Wet type peeling method, the machine need to remove the skin of soaked beans.
5. Main parts are made from stainless steel,so it have good quality and long service life.
6. This almond peeling machine is also suitable for peeling peanut, soybean, pine nut, cashew nut etc.

Our company is a professional manufacturer for developing, producing and selling nuts and grain processing machines. The main products are almond shelling unit. cashew nut shelling line, nuts butter grinding machine, skin peeling machine, roasting machine and so on. All mechanical products have reached export standards and sold all over the world. Our company has strong technical force, advanced equipment, technology matching, and can also be customized according to the customer's needs.
Cowpea Peeling Machine

Technical Data
Model LG-QS8 LG-QS11
Capacity 100-200kg/h 150-300kg/h
Power 0.75kw 0.75kw
Dimension 1180*720*1100mm 1180*850*1100mm
Weight 200KG 240KG


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