Industrial Cocoa Bean Crusher and Cracker Machine 300 KG/H

  • Material: Cocoa Beans
  • Capacity: 300-500 kg/h
  • Loading Port:Qingdao Port
  • Warranty:12 Months
  • Quote Form:FOB, CIF, EXW, CFR
The cocoa bean crusher machine has the functions of crushing and peeling to obtain finished cocoa nibs. Industrial equipment with a high degree of automation.
The machine has the characteristics of high cracking efficiency, good winnowing effect, low energy consumption and convenient use.
Industrial Cocoa Bean Crusher Machine
Structure of Industrial Cocoa Bean Cracker Machine
This machine is mainly composed of a hopper, a dust suction fan and a vibrating screen. The dust suction fan can suck off the skin of the cocoa beans, and the vibrating screen can effectively shake and separate the adhered skins and kernels.

Advantages of Cocoa Bean Crushing Machine
  • The peeling rate is high, reaching more than 95%.
  • The equipment adopts three rubber roller structure. Cocoa beans can be crushed without grading, and the crushing rate is high;
  • Equipped with intermittent adjustment device, it can be adjusted arbitrarily for different varieties of cocoa beans.
  • The rubber roller is made of acid and alkali resistant material with long service life.
  • Small footprint, large processing capacity, up to 500 kg/h.
  • Automatic processing, simple operation, saving time and effort.
Automatic Cocoa Bean Cracker Machine Price

Cocoa Bean Peeling Machine Industrial Use
Application of Cocoa Cracker Machine:
This machine is specially designed for cocoa bean processing based on our factory's many years of production experience. In the production process of cocoa nibs, cocoa butter, cocoa butter, and cocoa powder, the peeling machine is indispensable. So this machine is widely used in cocoa processing plants.

Working Principle of Cocoa Crusher Machine
Cocoa beans are roasted and then cooled. The roasted cocoa beans are squeezed by three rubber rollers and differentially rubbed to separate the skins. During the vibration conveying process, the skin is separated by a low-pressure fan.
A certain amount of damage is inevitable during extrusion, which can be screened out through a vibrating screen.

Use and Operation of Cocoa Bean Peeling Machine
1. The processed cocoa beans must not contain stones and other sundries.
2. The insert plate of the upper hopper is adjusted to a suitable position, and the speed of the unloading is controlled to ensure the peeling effect.
3. The gap between the three rubber rollers should be adjusted appropriately according to the size of the cocoa beans. Generally, the gap between the upper and middle rollers is 12-15 mm, and the gap between the middle and lower rollers is 10-12 mm.
4. Start the fan, the cocoa beans are squeezed by the rubber roller mechanism to separate the outer skin, and the centrifugal fan sucks the skin out.
5. Clean the oil stains on the cocoa peeler after each shift to ensure the hygienic quality of the finished product.
Technical Data
Model LG-BQ200A
Power 1.5kw+0.75kw
Voltage 380V/50HZ
Capacity 300-500kg/h
Dimension 1800*750*1300mm
Weight 550kg


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