Black Gram Skin Removing Machine Price in Chennai

  • Material: black gram
  • Capacity: 400-1500 kg/h
  • Loading Port:Qingdao Port
  • Warranty:12 Months
  • Quote Form:FOB, CIF, EXW, CFR
This black gram skin removing machine is suitable for process beans with a diameter of less than 25 mm, such as black gram, ural dal, broad bean, soya bean, mung bean and pea etc.. It has two functions of peeling and splitting, and also has perfect peeling effect, reliable quality and long service life.
Black Gram Skin Removing Machine in Chennai

Features of Black Gram Skin Removing Machine in Chennai:
  • This machine is divided into full stainless steel and carbon steel two kinds of material, but the contact raw material parts are made of stainless steel, the rest is rolled coal steel or A3 steel.
  • The output is 200-300kg/h, 400-600kg/h and 1000-1500kg/h, the customer can choose freely, we can also customize the peeling machine according to your output requirements.
  • Wide application. The black gram peeling machine is also suitable for soybean, pea, broad bean, urad dal and so on.
  • Easy operation, high peeling rate, over 95%, the separation rate between 95% and 98%.
  • At the same time of skin peeling, combined airflow is used to separate the skin and dal, reducing the crushing rate, improving the peeling quality, avoiding dust pollution and improving the working environment.
Automatic Black Gram Skin Removing Machine Working Video:

Matters needing attention
  • The beans usually contain small stone and other hard material, in the processing process, it is easy to damage the grinding disc. Before processing, it is necessary to pick it out with a sieve or artificial.
  • During the using process of black gram skin peeling machine, the attrition rate of the beans increased and the output of the beans decreased when the grinding surface was worn out or the impurities (such as stones, screws, etc.) were removed to The surface of the millstones. In case of the above conditions, iron chisels or diamond cutting plates can be used to treat the grinding disc.
  • In the installation of a grinding disc, pay attention to the distance between the upper and lower grinding disc, the surrounding space is basically the same.
Black Gram Skin Removing Machine Price:
The price of all models of stainless steel peeling machine is about $2000 to $4000. Of course, this price does not include freight charges. The specific price depends on the port you need to transport to, and your special needs for the machine, because the customized machine will also charge a certain extra fee.
Black Gram Skin Removing Machine Price

Purchase Notes of Black Gram Skin Removing Machine in Chennai
(1) The price of the problem: the actual price of the company to prevail!
(2) Equipment problems: All machines our company carries out strict quality inspection before delivery, to ensure delivery without any problems!
(3) Equipment Pictures: Pictures are taken in kind, but due to light and display and other reasons there will be a slight color difference, please understand
(4) Equipment properties: Before placing an order or before buying, please consult the type of goods you need, size specifications, company contracts, etc., in order to confirm your satisfaction with the equipment to facilitate the purchase of your product should be protected.

In addition, our plant can provide users with project design, process design, standard and non-standard design and manufacturing.

Price and new technical parameters, please call +8615515597212 to obtain. The product images in the website are for reference only. For details, please contact us. The specific telephone consultation is for reference. Welcome customers to visit our company for ordering!
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Technical Data
Model LGDP-1 LGDP-2
Motor(kw) 1.5+0.39 4+0.75+0.39
Disc diameter(mm) 500 500
Peeling Rate >95% >95%
Capacity(kg/h) 400-600 1000-1500
Net weight(kg) 300 400
Dimension(mm) 600*1400*2000 600*1400*2000
Moisture <12-14% <12-14%


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