Automatic Peanut Coating Machine With Air Blower

  • Material: Peanuts
  • Capacity: 30-70 kg/time
  • Loading Port:Qingdao Port
  • Warranty:12 Months
  • Quote Form:FOB, CIF, EXW, CFR
We are pleased to introduce the Automatic Peanut Coating Machine, designed to revolutionize the production of coated peanuts. With its advanced features and high efficiency, this machine provides excellent results in terms of quality, consistency and productivity when producing coated peanuts (flour coating, sugar coating or honey coating).
Automatic Peanut Coating Machine 304SS
Working Principle of Peanut Coating Machine:
The working principle of the Coating Machine revolves around its efficient rotation system. Once the peanuts are loaded into the coating pot, the machine initiates a controlled rotation, gently tumbling the peanuts while evenly distributing the coating material. The 45-degree inclination angle of the pot ensures optimal coverage, resulting in uniformly coated peanuts. This process is repeated until the desired coating thickness is achieved, providing consistent and high-quality results. The efficient air blower system can also ensure that the coated peanuts are adequately dried during the process. 

This peanut coating machine is the core equipment in the coating peanut production line.

Features of Automatic Peanut Coating Machine:
  • Optimal Coating Pot Design: The Coating Machine features a coating pot with a precisely calibrated 45-degree inclination angle. This design ensures an even distribution of the coating material, resulting in uniformly coated peanuts. The inner wall of the pot is remarkably smooth, minimizing the risk of ingredient build-up and ensuring hassle-free cleaning and maintenance.
  • Stable Rotation Mechanism: Equipped with a robust and reliable rotation system, this machine guarantees a stable and consistent rotation speed throughout the coating process. The controlled rotation helps to achieve an even distribution of the coating material, preventing clumping and ensuring every peanut receives a uniform coating.
  • Minimal Noise and Pollution: Our Peanut Coating Machine operates with minimal noise, creating a pleasant working environment for operators and reducing noise pollution in the production area. Additionally, it is designed to minimize any potential pollution, ensuring a clean and hygienic production process.
  • Intuitive and Simple Operation: The machine has a user-friendly control panel, allowing the operator to easily adjust parameters such as speed. An intuitive interface simplifies operation and increases efficiency.
  • Safety Features: Our machine is equipped with various safety features, including emergency stop buttons, overheat protection, and a robust enclosure, ensuring operator safety and preventing accidents.
Flour Peanut Coating Machine Pot

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Technical Data
Model LGY-800 LGY-1000
Capacity 30-50kg/time 50-70kg/time
Pan diameter 800mm 1000mm
Roasting speed 28-32r/min 28-35r/min
Motor 3.5 kw 4.8kw
Dimension 1070*800*1560mm 1070*1000*1560mm


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