Hazelnut Dry Fruit Chopper Crusher Machine Stainless Steel

  • Material: Hazelnut, Almond, Dry fruit
  • Capacity: 100-200 kg/h
  • Loading Port:Qingdao Port
  • Warranty:12 Months
  • Quote Form:FOB, CIF, EXW, CFR
This hazelnut chopper machine is suitable for cutting all kinds of nuts and dry fruits into small particles, with uniform particle size, less consumption, and no oiliness. Stainless steel, safe and hygienic.

Features of Stainless Steel Dry Fruit Chopper Machine:
  • The cutter cuts the material at a certain speed. By adjusting the speed of the conveyor belt, the material is cut into different sizes.
  • Equipped with a vibrating screen to classify chopped particles into different levels. The size of the screen is customized.
Hazelnut Chopper and Crusher Machine for Sale
  • Finely chopped, almost powder-free, oil-free extrusion.
  • The machine is made of stainless steel and meets food safety standards.

Working Principle of Hazelnut Crusher Machine Stainless Steel
The machine is mainly composed of three parts: feeding, chopping and vibration classification.
The material is evenly fed through the hopper, and the cutting material is sent to the shredding mechanism by the conveyor belt, and the cutting material is classified by vibration to obtain the required specifications.

Video of Dry Fruit Chopper Machine:

This hazelnut chopper machine is mainly used to cut nuts, dried fruits and beans into different sizes particles in the food industry, including peanuts, almonds, walnut kernels, hazelnuts, chestnut, soybeans etc.
Install the Dry Fruit Crusher Machine
Keep the shredder pads stable and level. If you don't move them often, you can place cushioning materials such as rubber under the 4 bottom corner plates and fix them with expansion bolts. The discharge outlets at all levels are in line with the material boxes.
After installation, turn on the power to see if it is turning in the normal direction and turning normally.
Dry Fruit Chopper Machine Manufacturer in China
Technical Data
Model LG-ZQ10A LG-ZQ15A
Number of cutters 10 15
Capacity 100-200kg/h 100-200kg/h
Power 2.2kw 3kw
Dimension 2700*1000*1350mm 3000*1000*1350mm
Weight 650KG 700KG

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