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Help OC Company Upgrade Peanut Butter Processing Equipment

riqiNov10, 2022 noteBy Serena
In June 2022, our company once again cooperated with OC Company in Kyrgyzstan to help it successfully upgrade its peanut butter processing equipment and expand its production capacity to 300 kg/h. And realize the automation and continuous production of peanut butter.
OC Company Upgraded Peanut Butter Processing Equipment

Kyrgyzstan is located at 45° north latitude, known as the golden latitude of world agricultural production. Kyrgyzstan enjoys fertile land, sufficient sunshine and excellent water quality, so it has the largest wild nut forest in the world, and it is the birthplace of high-quality raw materials and healthy nuts.

On this land, there is a small nut processing base - OC Company, a factory specializing in the production of nut nutrition products. The main products are mainly divided into three categories: roasted nuts, nut particles, and nut butters. The nuts involved include almonds, cashews, peanuts, pistachios, etc.
Nuts Business of OC Company in Kyrgyzstan
OC Companies Want to Expand the Market
Among them, the nut butter business of OC Company is small, and the production has the characteristics of low fineness, small production capacity and high labor cost. In 2022, OC Company is concerned about the popularity of peanut butter in the domestic market, so it urgently needs to upgrade a professional automatic peanut butter production line, and expects suppliers to provide complete solutions, professional advice and customized equipment services.

Cooperate Again
In 2020, OC Company adopted the nut roasting production line provided by our company to complete the complete processing process of nut roasting, peeling and grinding. For more than two years, the nut roasting line has been running well, and we have maintained good communication between the two sides.

So, when the OC company wanted to expand the production demand, it first sent the demand to our company. Our professional technical service and solution team had in-depth communication with the representatives of OC Company, and combined with its factory layout and product concept, we customized a set of 300kg/h fully automatic peanut butter production line solutions for OC Company.

This complete peanut butter processing equipment has advanced production technicians and professional processing technology, which will help OC Company to produce high-quality, high-nutrition peanut butter.
  • Precise temperature control and constant temperature baking ensure that each peanut is baked evenly and consolidate the quality of peanut butter;
  • Fine grinding and high pressure homogenization fully retain the original nutrition of peanuts and improve the smooth taste of peanut butter;
  • Fully automatic filling systems enhance food health and brand image while increasing productivity.

"On the way to upgrade nut processing, we met LONGER and learned that LONGER is a company with strong comprehensive capabilities in the field of nut processing, such as R&D and manufacturing, use and maintenance, and after-sales service. During the process of cooperation, the company Very advanced line solutions are always available according to our needs.”
——CEO of Kyrgyzstan OC Company
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