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Cooperated With EF to Build Nut Roasting Plant in the UK

riqiOct29, 2022 noteBy Serena
In September 2022, our company cooperated with EF Company, and the nut roasting plant built for it was officially put into operation in Shrewsbury, UK. This is a nut roasting and seasoning production line, with a production capacity of 1 ton per hour, for processing peanuts, almonds, cashews, macadamia nuts and other nuts. This set of equipment will help EF continue to expand its nut processing business.
Build Nut Roasting Plant in the UK
EF was established in 2006 and is mainly engaged in the retail business of dried fruits and nuts in the UK. With the expansion of the business, EF plans to build a new ready-to-eat nut factory, specializing in deep processing business such as nut roasting and seasoning, and wants to promote the development of large-scale nut roasting and seasoning processing technology.

Our company has been deeply engaged in the manufacture of nut roasting equipment and roasting technology for many years and has a lot of experience. Our nut roasting and processing solutions continue to improve new technologies to improve efficiency and quality; at the same time, we also focus on roasting technology, through the regulation of temperature and mechanical stress, to retain the nutritional value, quality and aroma of nuts, and innovative development for nuts more added value.

Successful Cooperation with EF Company!
During the cooperation process of the whole project, several of our business departments formed a special solution team to provide professional and timely pre-sales consulting services for the technical team of EF Company, designed processing flow charts and factory drawings, and provided detailed equipment information (equipment energy consumption, output, etc.). Provided EF with a high-quality and reliable full-process service experience.

The main processes of the nut roasting line we provide to EF Company in the UK include: stone removal, roasting, cooling, seasoning, packaging and other processes. Among them, roasting is our core process technology, and the key is the precise control of constant temperature roasting and seasoning process, so as to achieve the production of high-quality roasted nuts without losing nutrition.

"This cooperation with LONGER can strengthen our position in the field of ready-to-eat nut processing, broaden the scope of our technology application, and take this opportunity to provide more high-quality products to more customers."
 ——CEO of British EF Company

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