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Sunflower Seed Processing Plant Landed in Germany

riqiJun30, 2022 noteBy Serena
In June 2022, the first phase of the sunflower seed processing plant we built for the German GTA company - the sunflower seed packaging line completed the installation and commissioning under the remote guidance of engineers. This marks GTA's entry into the food processing field and the expansion of its diversified business.
Sunflower Seed Packaging Line for German GTA
GTA is a diversified international company, mainly engaged in the purchase and sale of auto parts and accessories, the import and export of auto parts and accessories, the operation of red hotels, real estate business and transportation. In order to make full use of the existing sales channels to expand the business scope, GTA will target the food processing field. In 2021, in order to seek cooperation opportunities, the general manager and partners of GTA came to various business platforms in China to seek partners, and LONGER left a deep impression on them.

"It is the first time that we have entered the sunflower seed processing industry, and everything is unfamiliar and novel to us. The negotiation with LONGER has given me full confidence in running a food processing business."
——Artush, General Manager of GTA Germany

Our customer managers and engineers have provided two sets of sunflower seed processing line for them through many discussions with the partner and technical director of GTA. It includes the process flow, sunflower seed processing plant layout, profit analysis table, etc., to support GAT's sunflower seed business.
Complete Sunflower Seed Processing Plant Layout
Due to the current GTA site problem, the customer first purchased the sunflower seed packaging line. GTA will expand other production lines of sunflower seed processing as soon as possible when the trade conditions are mature.

"Currently, our food processing business will be expanded around the sunflower seed processing line, which is an established development strategy. I am very satisfied with this cooperation, and I believe the cooperative relationship will continue."
——Artush, General Manager of GTA Germany
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