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Chickpea Frying and Seasoning Line Sold to Jamaica

riqiDec22, 2022 noteBy Serena
I am very glad that a set of chickpeas frying and seasoning line of our company has been sold in Jamaica. The production capacity of the whole line is 200kg/h. At present, the production line has been continuously running in the factory of CL company.

CL Company highly recognizes the quality of our products, and has carried out other cooperation projects with our company many times so far.

Introduction of CL Company
The company is located in Kingston, the capital of Jamaica, and is a well-known food processing enterprise. CL Corporation is known for providing iconic, high-quality snacks and food products that satisfy Jamaican palates. In order to occupy a larger market, CL company decided to add new products. After many considerations, it decided to develop fried chickpeas as a new snack item.

Chickpea is an important legume crop. It ranks among the top three in global consumption and is mainly distributed in the Mediterranean coast, Africa, America and other places. How to preserve the nutrition of chickpeas as much as possible and process chickpea products with various tastes is the primary difficulty for CL Company to start this project. Through multiple comparisons, our company - Longer Machinery finally received the attention of CL.
Chickpea Frying and Seasoning Line Sold to Jamaica
We Provide Customized Chickpeas Frying Line For CL Company
After receiving the project invitation from CL Company, our solution engineers attached great importance to it. Based on your company's processing needs, we have designed a number of processing plans for it, and your company has finally determined a set of chickpea frying and seasoning production line with a production capacity of 200kg/h.

The temperature control of the frying equipment is precise, so that the fried chickpeas are golden in color and uniform in taste, and the taste is crisp and consistent; the deoiling equipment separates excess oil and removes the greasy feeling; the continuous seasoning equipment coats each crispy chickpea with different flavors of seasoning. The entire production line can meet both large-volume processing and diverse and small-scale flexible customization.

We provide customers with detailed frying temperature, time and other process parameters. For equipment operation and maintenance, customized instructions were also prepared to ensure that CL can carry out the project smoothly after receiving the equipment.
Automatic Chickpea Frying Production Line
The scheme design, customized service, remote guidance and other services provided by our company to users have also been highly praised by CL. Once the whole set of chickpeas frying line is put into production, its high efficiency and low consumption characteristics and pursuit of quality have also been recognized and trusted by CL Company. Therefore, since then, both of us have continued to cooperate on many projects.

Customer priority, quality assurance, is our service criterion. Welcome to cooperate!
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