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Sw Group Build Cocoa Processing Plant In India

riqiDec30, 2022 noteBy Serena
In December 2022, our company customized a set of automated cocoa mass, cocoa butter, and cocoa powder production lines for India Sw Group. Help it set up a cocoa processing plant in India and start a new cocoa processing industry.
Sw Group Build Cocoa Processing Plant In India
Cocoa is grown in four states in southern India, but today cocoa in India is growing rapidly, not only in terms of production but also in terms of consumption. At present, India has become one of the top five countries in the world for chocolate consumption. This has brought significant opportunities for local chocolate companies in India and has also contributed to a thriving cocoa processing market.

Sw Group, located in Hyderabad, India, has 5 processing plants, mainly engaged in biscuits, chocolates, candies, etc. Cocoa is an important raw material for the production of chocolate. But at present, Sw Group's cocoa raw materials are all purchased from outside, so Sw Group is eager to invest in cocoa processing to achieve self-sufficiency, so as to better control the quality of raw materials and finished chocolate.

Our company has many partners in India and has a good reputation. So India Sw Group got in touch with us very quickly. The cocoa processing line is our core solution, with stable equipment operation, high-quality finished products, low loss, and automatic control. After detailed communication with the project manager of Sw Group, our engineer team provided a fully automatic customized solution, which included detailed equipment drawings, cocoa processing plant drawings and equipment details. We are very satisfied with our solutions and professional services, so we reached a smooth cooperation.

In addition, we also specially purchased a batch of cocoa beans to test the machine, so that Sw company can experience the processing effect of cocoa beans and the quality of the equipment more intuitively.

"With this partnership, we are able to strengthen our position in the field of chocolate processing and broaden the scope of our technology application, so as to provide customers with better chocolate and cocoa products."
——Project Manager of Sw Group

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