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Packed Peanut Roasting Machine Shipped to the UK

riqiDec01, 2021 noteBy Serena
At the end of November 2021, our factory packed a peanut roasting machine and a cooling car and shipped them to the UK. The capacity of the whole equipment is 100 kg/h, electric heating type roaster machine.

In addition to roasting peanuts, the customer also uses the machine to roast almonds, hazelnuts, melon seeds, pumpkin seeds, beans and other nuts.
Peanut Roasting Machine Shipped to the UK
The client is currently engaged in a nut trading business and now wants to start a nut processing business in the UK. In August 2021, the customer established contact with our company. After fully understanding their needs, we recommended a set of peanut roasting equipment for the customer. This set of equipment has low investment and high roasting quality, which can quickly help the customer Open the market. After answering the customer's doubts, we successfully signed the contract in October.

The peanut roasting and cooling equipment is now perfectly packaged and shipped to the UK. The customer's plant has also been built, waiting to receive the equipment and put it into use. Looking forward to more cooperation with this customer in the future..
Peanut Roaster Machine in the UK
1. Peanut Roasting Machine UK
The roaster machine adopts a rotating cage and uses electric heating as a heat source. Using the principle of heat conduction and heat radiation, using hot air as the drying medium, heat energy is applied to the roasted nuts to ensure uniform and high-quality roasting. The machine has automatic temperature control and timing devices, and the temperature can be adjusted freely between 0-300 degrees according to the required temperature of the material.
2. Roasted Peanut Cooling Car UK
The temperature of roasted peanuts is very high, and the machine can quickly cool down. The machine adopts a fan cooling system to cool the roasted materials, and the fan speed is adjustable.
Roasted Peanut Cooling Car in the UK
Our company has the ability to provide overall solutions for customers who want to start a nut processing business.
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