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100 kg/h Hazelnut Butter Making Machine in Italy

riqiNov30, 2021 noteBy Serena
In September 2021, our company reached a cooperation with an Italian company on a hazelnut butter making machine.
Because hazelnut processing is the company' s new business, the customer chose a small hazelnut processing line for the production of hazelnut paste with a capacity of 100 kg/h.
100 kg/h Hazelnut Butter Making Machine Italy
Italy is a major hazelnut producer in the world. There are many pre-processing factories for local hazelnuts and not many deep-processing factories, so hazelnut butter is a good business opportunity. The partner hopes to be able to quickly put into production and seize business opportunities. In the early stage, the production of original hazelnut butter was the main focus, and the production of different flavors of hazelnut paste will be carried out after the market opens.
This set of equipment mainly includes hazelnut roasting machine, sauce grinder, mixing tank and filling machine.
1. hazelnut roasting machine:
Batch roaster, after roasting, hazelnuts will emit a unique fragrance. This machine adopts a rotary rolling cage and is equipped with an automatic temperature control device. The hazelnuts can be heated evenly, and the baking quality can be effectively ensured.
2. hazelnut grinding machine
The colloid mill can effectively emulsify, disperse, homogenize and crush hazelnuts, and achieve the effects of ultrafine crushing and emulsification. The fineness of the finished hazelnut butter can reach 100 mesh.
Hazelnut Butter Grinding Machine Italy
3. hazelnut butter filling machine:
The machine drives the piston in the corresponding cylinder to reciprocate through the up and down movement of the cylinder, and pour the hazelnut butter into the bottle. The filling volume can be adjusted.

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