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Industrial Peanut Butter Production Process - 9 Steps

riqiFeb10, 2022 noteBy Serena
The consumption of peanut butter is very extensive, the production and sales volume is huge, and the market prospect of peanut butter processing industry is broad. For users who want to start a peanut butter business or establish or peanut butter factory, do you want to know what is the industrial peanut butter production process? What kind of equipment is needed?
Peanut Butter Production Process - 9 Steps
Standardized peanut butter production process:
1. Color sorting: The peanut kernels after shelling are firstly sorted by color sorter.
2. Roasting: Put the qualified peanut kernels into the peanut roasting machine for roasting, and the roasted peanuts have uniform color and no burnt phenomenon.
3. Cooling: The roasted peanuts are cooled by a cooler.
4. Peeling: The cooled peanuts are put into a peeling machine for peeling.
5. Selection: After peeling the peanuts, select and remove the peanuts with poor quality.
6. Grinding sauce: Put the selected peanuts into the sauce grinding equipment for grinding.
7. Homogenization and emulsification: In a mixing tank, heat the peanut butter to 60-70℃, add 2% monoglyceride and 1%-5% soybean protein powder, and mix well.
8. Cooling: Cool the peanut butter to about 40℃ for filling.
9. Filling: Pack the finished peanut butter into the package specified by the customer and pack it quantitatively.

The above is a common peanut butter production process in the industry. However, there are still problems such as insufficient automation of production equipment and small output in the peanut butter industry. Our company has developed a complete set of design solutions for peanut butter production lines based on our years of technical accumulation and R&D experience.
Industrial Peanut Butter Production Line
The peanut butter production equipment can realize the continuous production of the whole process and has a high degree of automation. Modular control is adopted, which can be customized according to the specific situation of customers.

Combined with the characteristics of market investment, LONGER Food Machinery has formed a fine processing solution for peanut butter production line. According to the investment status and production reality of the enterprise, the customer's engineering project can be designed on a case-by-case basis, and then handed over to the customer's real turnkey project. We are committed to developing innovative equipment to improve overall operational efficiency and significantly reduce capital investment.

Our company focuses on the research and development and production of peanut butter production line, with excellent production equipment, excellent quality requirements and providing customers with satisfactory services as the fundamental starting point, to help customers succeed in business, so it is well received.

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