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Peanut Butter Manufacturing Plant in Cameroon

riqiApr21, 2022 noteBy Serena
In February 2022, the peanut butter manufacturing plant designed by our company for customers was commissioned in Cameroon. We provide customers with a complete solution including peanut butter production and packaging. As of April, this equipment has been running for two months. Customers feedback that the whole line runs smoothly, and the quality of the finished peanut butter meets the requirements.

Start the Peanut Butter Project:
In Cameroon, the raw materials of cocoa beans and peanuts are extremely abundant, and it is a major market for cocoa processing and peanut butter processing. The client is currently engaged in the financial and investment industries. He keenly sees the rapid development of the local food industry and the strong support from the government, so he also wants to enter the food industry. The client and his team, after doing sufficient market research, clarified their direction, and decided to start both the chocolate and peanut butter projects.
Peanut Butter Manufacturing Plant in Cameroon

Get in Touch with Our Company:
At the beginning of 2021, Cameroonian customers got in touch with our company. Because this is a new business for the customer, the production capacity is not clear and the budget is limited. Therefore, according to the local situation, our company has matched two sets of peanut butter manufacturing machine with production capacity for customers to choose from.

In this project, the people involved are: customer-side principals, project managers and professional consultants from the food industry. Our team is composed of account managers, solution engineers and department managers.

Cooperation with Our Company:
After many comparisons, in line with the principle of professionalism and perfect service, the customer finally chose us. After many video conferences and discussions, the customer chose the output of 200kg. Among the main machines, such as the roasting machine and the sauce grinder, the customer chose a slightly larger model to meet his later expansion of production.

At the same time, in the later discussion, we learned that the customer's peanut butter is only used as an adjunct to chocolate products. After the client provided the drawings of his workshop and the specific scheme of the chocolate project, we matched the scheme to meet his needs and provided the scheme drawings at the same time.

For customers who want to start a new project of peanut butter processing, please rest assured to choose us, because we not only provide equipment, but also provide a series of after-sales services, such as process formula, experimental data, installation training, etc.

We treat every customer sincerely and aim to provide customers with professional and reasonable solutions to meet their needs.
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