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Bangladesh BCFP's Chocolate Factory Starts Production!

riqiMay06, 2022 noteBy Serena
In March 2022, BCFP's chocolate factory in Bangladesh was officially put into production. They purchased the chocolate bar and chocolate bean production line from our company. After the installation and debugging of the product engineer, they were successfully put into use. The equipment works very well and is highly praised.
BCFP's chocolate factory in Bangladesh
BCFP company was established in 2005, the main business is chocolate candy, juice, and some other small snacks. Due to the current increasing popularity of chocolate products around the world, the company decided to develop a business in the processing of chocolate bars and coated chocolate beans.

The person in charge of BCFP who contacted our company for the first time is very familiar with the processing technology, equipment parameters and industry trends, and professional engineers are also responsible for technical audits. The client places great importance on the quality of the equipment, delivery time, commissioning services, etc. of the supplier.

Comprehensive comparison of equipment, services and other factors, Bangladesh BCFP company chose our chocolate bar production line. The purchased equipment includes dozens of equipment such as ball mills, chocolate pouring machines, coating machines, and packaging machines. In the face of large-scale procurement needs, we gave the shortest delivery time and demonstrated its strong strength, and finally the two sides reached a cooperation agreement.

Bangladesh BCFP company received all the equipment within the agreed deadline. And through the joint efforts of the engineers of both sides, the installation and commissioning of the chocolate bar and coated chocolate bean production line equipment have been completed. At the same time, we will return to each of our partners regularly to help customers solve problems and make customers feel at ease.

If you have a need to expand your chocolate production or plan to start a chocolate business, just get in touch with us.
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