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How Does a Peanut Roaster Work?

riqiApr06, 2022 noteBy Serena
Roasting peanuts on a large scale requires the use of a professional peanut roaster, so how does a peanut roaster work? Today, we invite our R&D engineers to explain the basic structure and working principle of the peanut roasting machine in detail.

The peanut roasting machine developed by our company can be divided into drum roasting machine and continuous roasting machine according to the different performance and structure.
How Does a Peanut Roaster Work?
Drum Peanut Roaster Machine

1. Basic Structure:
This drum peanut roaster is composed of a transmission device, a heating device (electric or gas heating), an electric control box, a drum and other parts. It adopts the principle of rotating drum, heat conduction and heat radiation to roast peanuts, and the temperature is automatically controlled.

2. Working Principle:
The peanut roasting machine adopts a rotary rolling cage, uses an electric heating tube as a heat source (or gas as a heat source), and uses hot air as a drying medium to act on the peanuts. During the roasting process, the peanuts are continuously propelled by the propelling device in the cage to form an uninterrupted cycle, so that they are heated evenly. The roasting is uniform, effectively ensuring the roasting quality of peanuts.

Continuous Peanut Roaster Machine

1. Basic Structure:
The continuous roaster machine is composed of an upper hopper, a rack, a conveyor belt, a temperature controller, a heating device and a thermal cycle device. The running speed of the conveyor belt can be adjusted in a wide range. The temperature controller can realize automatic temperature control.

2. Working Principle:
The upper hopper has a shutter to control the thickness of the peanut layer. Selecting the appropriate thickness of the material layer can effectively ensure the uniform penetration of the hot air. The mesh belt conveying structure makes the peanuts move forward smoothly and eliminates the peeling phenomenon caused by the mutual rolling friction between the peanuts. The running speed of the conveyor belt can be adjusted in a wide range.

During the roasting process, according to different material process requirements, adjust the thickness of the material, the conveying speed, and the heating temperature.

The performance advantages of the continuous roasting machine are mainly reflected in: compared with the drum roasting machine, the use range is wider, and the roasted products are of higher quality; the roasting quality is high, and the roasted peanuts are uniform in color and without breakage.

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