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List of Machine for Peanut Butter Production

riqiMar23, 2022 noteBy Serena
Peanut butter is quite nutritious and delicious. Do you know how peanut butter is produced? What kind of peanut butter production machines are there? Now I will take you to find out.
List of Machine for Peanut Butter Production
Peanut Butter Process:
The technological process of peanut butter production is: raw material → stone removal → roasting → cooling → peeling → selection → peanut butter grinding → stirring → cooling → filling.

List of Machine for Peanut Butter Production
1. Peanut Roasting Machine: The roasting and cooling integrated machine newly developed by our company is used in this production line, which can meet the roasting processing of most nuts. While satisfying peanut roasting, the equipment is set up with a special cooling area, which can reduce the roasted peanuts to a safe temperature of about 60°C when discharging. The roasting maturity of peanuts is consistent with the color of the material.
2. Peanut Peeling Machine: Quickly separate peanut kernels and red coats, the separated peanuts continue to enter the next stage of production, and peanut red coats are collected into waste bins for processing (which can be used to make fertilizers);
3. Belt Conveyor: pick unqualified peanuts and some impurities;
4. Peanut Butter Grinding Machine: This equipment is driven by an electric motor, which drives the rotating teeth (or called the rotor) and the matching fixed teeth (or called the stator). There is an adjustable tiny gap between the two grinding bodies. When the peanuts pass through this gap, they are effectively crushed and emulsified to become peanut butter;
5. Condenser: Cool the ground peanut butter;
6. Filling Machine: filling and packaging.

According to market demand. Longer Food Machinery has carried out a number of improvements and optimizations to the core equipment of the peanut butter production line, the roasting and cooling integrated machine and the sauce grinder, so that the processing fineness of the peanut butter is further improved, which is very popular in the domestic and foreign markets.

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