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Analysis of Cocoa Processing Plant Cost

riqiMar17, 2022 noteBy Serena
Cocoa powder has a wide range of uses and a large market, and investing in cocoa processing plants is a good project. If you are new to the cocoa processing industry, the up-front cost budget is the most important factor for the success of the project. So what does the cocoa processing plant cost? The analysis below will help you.
Analysis of Cocoa Processing Plant Cost
Cost Components of a Cocoa Processing Plant
  • Expenses: including operating expenses, management expenses, financial expenses, etc. Common factory rent, raw material procurement costs, employee wages and benefits, transportation costs, etc. are included.
  • Construction cost: including the construction cost of production workshop, living area, office area and other areas. The length, width and height of the production workshop and the setting of the transportation channel should be fully considered according to the cocoa processing requirements.
  • Equipment cost: Determine a reasonable equipment cost range based on production scale and service life. Of course, when choosing the cost, it is necessary to appropriately increase the output standard of cocoa processing equipment in accordance with forward-looking requirements to adapt to the development and changing production needs.
Equipment Costs for Cocoa Processing Plants
The cocoa powder production line developed by our company mainly includes baking equipment, cooling equipment, cocoa bean peeling equipment, sauce grinding equipment, cocoa oil pressing equipment, grinding equipment, lifting equipment, conveying equipment, etc. The overall cost of equipment is affected by factors such as technical level, equipment materials, after-sales service, output expectations, and degree of automation.
1. Technical level. Our company's cocoa equipment is produced by a standardized factory, and more than 50 engineers with many years of experience are engaged in R&D and production, and have advanced technical level.
2. Equipment materials. Another factor that determines the equipment is the material used. Sheets and electrical components are the main factors affecting the price of equipment. Our company's cocoa equipment adopts well-known electrical components at home and abroad, and food-safe plates, which are safe, reliable and durable.
3. After-sale service. Our company is equipped with a complete after-sales service team to help customers solve their worries.
4. Production expectations. A set of cocoa processing equipment will be divided into different models according to different production scales, and customers can also customize non-standard equipment according to their needs. Generally speaking, the price of equipment is proportional to the output.
5. Degree of automation. The cost of a production line with a high degree of automation will increase accordingly, but the labor cost will be correspondingly reduced. This requires users to make the best choice according to their own budget and labor costs.
Complete Cocoa Processing Equipment Factory

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