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Use Notes of Castor Seed Sheller Machine

riqiOct20, 2017 noteBy Serena
Castor seed sheller machine is a device to help us work, so when we use it, there will be some precautions to help us better to complete the operation, or help us regulate the mode of operation, so that is very important to us.
1, because the task environment is very bad, so in advance to participate in operation personnel to carry out safety operation instruction, to understand the operation rules and safety knowledge, such as the sleeve to be fastened, should wear masks and protective glasses etc..
2, before use, must carefully check whether change position sensitive bump, conditioning organizations can be normal, safety equipment can be completely useful; to ensure that no debris inside the machine, all parts should be smooth filling oil.
3, before starting the work place should be arranged, do not put some threshing unrelated debris; to prevent young people playing at the edge of the site, to avoid incidents.
4, to feed into uniform, guard against stones, sticks and other hard things into castor thresher.
5, the drive belt joints should be strong; prohibited in the machine task, pick up the belt or touch any part of the transmission parts.
6, matching power and threshing machine transmission ratio to meet the requirements, to avoid the threshing machine speed is too high, the oscillation is fierce, so that parts damage or fasteners loose and cause personal injury incidents.
7, can not work overtime is too long, the general task of about 8 hours to stop inspection, adjustment and smooth, otherwise there may be severe conflict lead to wear, fever or deformation.
8, castor sheller generally use diesel engine as the driving force, should wear fire hood on the exhaust pipe, to avoid fire.
9, in the operation process if there is a problem, to stop after repair and adjustment.
These are basically in the use of castor thresher may occur, if you don't know how to carry on the next step, according to us, so you don't have to worry about what happened.
Castor Seed Sheller Machine

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