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Common Faults and Troubleshooting Method of Rice Husking Machine

riqiOct20, 2017 noteBy Serena
Common faults and troubleshooting methods of rice husking machine:
Fault phenomenon Failure cause Troubleshooting method
The motor can not start or start difficult The fuse is broken, the wire diameter is too small, the voltage is too low, the capacitor is damaged Connect the fuse, change the larger diameter conductor, restore the voltage and then start, replace the new capacitor
Motor temperature is too high Motor winding short circuit, motor bearing damage, long-term overload operation Overhaul, change motor bearing, work or pause according to rated load
Spindle work weakness Belt slipping, spindle flat key off Properly tighten the belt, change the new spindle flat key
Strong vibration of fuselage The gear disc is driven, the main shaft is bent, the bearing is damaged, and the stop screw is loose The gear disc is driven, the main shaft is bent, the bearing is damaged, and the stop screw is loose
The machine is jammed and there is metal knocking in the mill room There are metal, stone and other hard objects into the body, parts of the body damage or fall off, the gap between the gear disc is too small, the gap between the roller is too small Stop check out hard, stop check repair replacement parts, appropriate gear disc clearance, clearance adjustment of rice ro
Spindle can not rotate The belt is too tight, the machining material is not exhausted, the main shaft bearing is damaged Loosen the spindle belt properly, remove the material in the grinding room, and change the spindle bearing
Cannot discharge material Motor steering error, foreign matter blockage at feed port Remove the foreign body by changing the wiring head 
The motor can not start There is a problem in the power supply, two rubber rollers are jammed, and the motor is burnt out Check the power line, loosen the rubber roller, send the maintenance department
Shelling net
Shelling is not complete Two rubber roller gap is too large, roller rubber wear is too large, rubber roller wear uneven Adjust clearance, replace, repair or replace before grinding
Grain shells can't be cleaned The fan belt is loose and the air outlet is blocked Replacement, cleaning or slag discharge
Too many broken grains Rubber cot clearance is too small Adjust handwheel clearance adjustment
Rice Husking Machine

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