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Notice for Using Almond Peeler Machine

riqiOct26, 2017 noteBy Serena
The wet type almond peeler machine is a multi-functional equipment. It is also suitbale for processing peanut,chickpeas,black eyed beans,broad beans,peas etc. Here will introduce some notices when you you use the peeler machine.
(1) in the debug machine, all the transmission part filled with lubricating oil, and pay special attention to ensure the bearing vibration motor. Look for any card, touch phenomenon, pay special attention to whether the presence of iron between to take off the roller, screw, hard thing, require manual to take off the roller freely. Then, adjust the direction of power supply is connected. According to the suction hose (fan) - skin and kernel separation sieve to peeling machine, the feeding roller order boot (shutdown or vice). Empty test for 30 minutes, carefully check the position of bearing, motor drive, no abnormal sound, only a small amount of material test.
(2) according to the requirements of the peeling raw material or production process technology is different, you stop to take off the roller to adjust the clearance between. General almond peeling of 2.5-3.5 mm. Changing different aperture PiRen separation sieve satisfies the requirement of the best technology.
(3) it is strictly forbidden to turn on the machine and turn off the machine. If there is a sudden stop, remove the roller and remove the material manually.
(4) during normal production, the oil level and fasteners can be checked regularly according to the production time. During the overhaul, the bearing cover can be opened, and the bearing shall be filled with grease after cleaning the bearing.
(5) the vibrating motor, the motor seat and the driving shaft must be tightened with double nuts so as to avoid the vibration of the vibrating motor when the motor seat is loose, resulting in the rupture of the transmission shaft.
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