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Types of Colloid Mill Machine

riqiApr13, 2018 noteBy Serena
Types of Colloid Mill Machine
The colloid mill grinding machine can be classified into vertical and horizontal two types according to their structure. The unit can be made according to the characteristics of different materials, production efficiency and different uses, and choose different sizes of colloid mills to achieve butter grinding good results.
1. The characteristics of the horizontal colloid mill: the height is low and the vertical is high. The horizontal position should be considered in the axial direction of the motor in order to prevent the axis of the motor shaft from touching the tooth. The bearing can be covered in the front of the motor, because the axial thermal expansion of the rotor and shaft of the motor will move in the direction of the rear motor bearing with the front bearing key of the motor, in order to reduce the impact on the clearance of the grinding head.
2. The characteristics of vertical colloid mill structure: because of the vertical installation of the motor, the self weight of the motor rotor will not make the axis of the motor axial. Therefore, the axial orientation can not be considered. The horizontal installation of colloid mill, such as the outlet of the material, should set the discharge valve below the outlet to put out the material in the colloid mill for a long time. The design of antifouling disc should consider the reflux of the self weight of the waste material, and it is not used vertically. The transmission efficiency of the two colloid mills is close to the score type.

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